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Best records of 2013 – twentieth to sixteenth

#20   versions   zola jesus

Nobody invited her to an Mtv Unplugged but she did it anyway. Zola Jesus paired up with a string quartet and released this stripped down, heartbreaking collection of old songs revisited, which testifies her talent as a singer and reminds us of how soulful her music is.


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I react to Kids react

I’ve never spent that much time on YouTube and I’ve always been immune to the charm of Youtube Stars. The only exception to the rule seem to be The Fine Brothers:I’ve discovered them pretty late but now I’m totally obsessed with their YouTube Channel, especially with a series of videos called Kids react, in which kids from 3 to 13 years old are asked to give thoughts and opinions on stuff. I’ve already made clear to my one year old niece that she won’t get my love or attention unless she makes it into the show.

Since Christmas is about loving and accepting everybody without any distinction, I’ve decided to make a top three list of my favourite kids from the show. Here we go: Read More

The blog has a mailing list!

I really felt like a Facebook page and a Twitter account weren’t enough.

In case I release a secret studio album in the middle of the night I want you to be the first ones to know


The mailing list will notify you whenever a new blog post is out and will also feature all those b-sides stories and information that didn’t make it into a post, like the top 10 reasons why I love eradicating nose hair!

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Best records of 2013 – thirtieth to twenty-sixth

#30   tales of a grasswidow   cocorosie

I confess: I inserted this record in the list just because having a “Best 29 records of 2013” list sounded awful. Don’t get me wrong, Tales of a Grasswidow is still better than many other releases I heard in the past months, but Cocorosie’s music lost something over the years and having Antony singing in the record won’t make up for it this time.

CocoRosie - Tales Of A Grass Widow

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