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Joanna Newsom’s new record – Embalmers

The title of Joanna Newsom’s highly anticipated fourth full length record might be “Embalmers”.

Or not.


Joanna Newsom is probably my favourite contemporary songwriter. Her talent in scraping under the obvious, under the surface, under the standardized way of writing music and lyrics will never stop to amaze me.

She sang about meteorites, sailing, monkeys, bears, birds, St. George and the Dragon without sacrificing an ounce of credibility or emotional impact.

She digs into the English language and delivers heartbreaking, poetic images through the most uncommon words.

The problem, now, is that the words are ending. Read More

Best records of 2013 – fifteenth to eleventh

#15   aventine   agnes obel

The fact that I like piano-driven, classical-influenced pop is no news; nevertheless I would have never imagined to find Agnes Obel so high in my best records of 2013 list. Aventine, I think, has some special charm that Philarmonics didn’t have. It’s darker, intriguing, shy. There’s less stuff lying around for everyone to see and requires therefore more digging.


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New Year and my own pretty hate machine

happy new year

Back in Italy I spoke with a friend of mine I don’t see too often. At some point she went “You’re incredibly creative, I’m so jealous” and I said “Yeah, well, I have a big imagination” and she said “No, but I mean, it’s more than that” and I said “Why? What do you mean?” and she said “You know” and I said “No I don’t” and she told me “You’re creative. You….create. That’s what you do and you obviously can’t help it“.

That stuck with me.

A couple of days later I used one of those stupid Your year in tweets apps and I found out two things: Read More