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Fede: Now on my Desktop I have Lena Dunham staring at me. I hope she gives me the strength.
Simo: To do what?
Fede: Don’t know yet.

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Federico is a human love letter to the internet. His favourite activities include: hypochondriasis, a tragic vision of the future and lowering his life expectancy one pastry at a time. You can stalk him on TWITTER / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM

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  1. I LOVE this show! I have to admit it even shocks me at times and i ve been to a live sex show at amaretdsm so i like to think i’ve seen it all. Even though i love sex in the city (it’s the one show i can watch hours and hours of repeats of because i get to shut off my brain and enjoy the pretty things) I love that this is maybe a more realistic look at New York and I feel like i can relate to the main character in that she isn’t your usual tv babe. Other than that though i think she’s a character you can watch and laugh at but i think i would hate her in real life lol.

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