Berlin Spreepark: some photos

I know, I haven’t written in a while, but my royal baby experience took everything out of me. Let’s do a flashback post, then.

After years in Berlin, some weeks ago I finally managed to visit Berlin Spreepark, the old DDR amusement park, now inactive. The guided tour is kind of boring (if your german is as ridiculous as mine), so I took some photos.

(Of course for the truly cool pictures there’s always Uberlin)

berlin spreepark - ferris wheelberlin spreepark - ferris wheel

 berlin spreepark - ferris wheel

berlin spreepark - t-rex

berlin spreepark - t-rex

berlin spreepark

berlin spreepark

ghost track:

berlin spreepark

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  1. ebe

    poor little dinos. They look so sad, especially with the gaping hole in their neck. Are you on a swing of a pole in that last pic?

    • Fede

      Haha…I know it really looks like I’m pole dancing, but I was actually descending a small slope on this…thing attached to an elastic rope. I have no idea of how this thing is called, but it was fun!

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    • Fede

      That stripper ghost clearly has a career in pole dancing in front of him

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