Best Records of 2012 – episode II

35   lord huron   lonesome dreams
lord huron
Soft acoustic folk-ish arrangements are the key of this record by Lord Huron.This is neither something new nor something life changing, but it’s pleasant, relaxing and I ended up listening to it quite a lot some months ago.

34   sinead o’connor   how about I be me (and you be you)?
Sinead O'Connor
I don’t know much about Sinead O’Connor. I did listen to her first two records ’cause my sister had them, but then  she wasn’t really part of my teenage years and I completely lost her traces in the last bagillion of years. So I was surprised to stumble into this record of hers and find out she still makes pretty decent music. She gained a lot of weight, got way more tattoos than she should have, a shitload of drama in her life and still her voice is as painful, convincing and intense as it used to be. I hate when artists lose their insipiration and their music starts sounding less like art ad more like homework, but this is clearly not the case: How about me be me (and you be you) is an honest, passionate pop record with some pretty intense peaks (e.g. Reason with me) and yes, an ugly ugly cover (unless she’s targeting 70 y/o ladies).

33   bowerbirds   the clearing
I think Philip Moore and Beth Tacular make such a good couple. I’ve heard they broke up for a while, maybe right while they were writing stuff for this record, and then got together again (but I’m not sure). The point is that these little earthquakes in their lives certainly served their creativity and inspiration in the making of what really is a precious record. On one hand we’re speaking about some pretty conventionally sweet folk music here, but on the other the music has something to it. It’s got this general melancholic, nostalgic mood and the lyrics are so beautiful and good at evoking images that the record ends up being a stunning experience.

32   fanfarlo   rooms filled with light
I think the cover of this record is about geometry. Of course, there’s a bridge leading to what seems to be a dark forest, and a lot of words could be spent on that. But still, I think what’s interesting about it it’s the composition: red steel triangles repeating one after the other, pierced by a straight solid path leading to some dark unknown foresty place. Geometry is what the cover is about and what the record is about too. ‘Cause Fanfarlo are damn good at building up catchy tunes and mesmerizing musical dynamisms that never fall down and sound completely solid, just like a good architect would do.

31   sigur ros   valtari
sigur ros
Have you ever wondered what Sigur Ros say in their lyrics? Lyrics are important to me, I feel an intimate connection with words and languages, and there’s artists that I surely wouldn’t appreciate that much if I didn’t get what they were saying. But still, my answer’s no: I’ve never bothered to look up what is it that Jonsi sings, ’cause in this case it just looks totally unimportant. They’re so good at evoking things, feelings, ghosts, and they have this rare strict perfect sense of where the line between intense and fake lies, which allows their music to be sober and never overflow inside cheesy places.