Concerts of November (Beach House, Bat For Lashes, Animal Collective)

beach house @ astra
Oh, Victoria, why do you have that haircut? I had no idea you resembled one of the four musketeers, and I couldn’t help thinking about that during the whole concert. Plus: it makes you so very french….are you going on a band tour or are you going to storm the Bastille? Maybe you should consider getting an appointment to the hair dresser.

bat for lashes @ huxleys neue welt
I don’t wanna turn this into a style blog, so I won’t comment on Bat For Lashes‘ haircut (which makes her look like a bad Mia Wallace impression) and about the grandma clothes she was wearing. No, I won’t. Because the concert was great: she has an admirable control of the voice and managed to never slip out of tune even if she was constantly jumping up and down and showing us her sensual moves (no sarcasm here, I really like your sexy dances, Natasha). But yeah, right, the voice. What an amazing one. It had been a while since the last voice-focused-concert (I guess it was Laura Marling in Postbahnhof earlier this year) and I was missing it a little. The audience was captured, hypnotized, engaged…so much that the floor was actually shaking (a lot!) from all the dancing. Luckily I was there with Nat: she reassured me on the fact that we were not gonna be swallowed by some german Hellmouth and that the shaking and trembling is pretty normal inside Huxleys Neue Welt

animal collective @ astra
Oh boy. Am I the only one to think that Animal Collective are amazing live performers? I don’t care if some instrument broke down and they weren’t able to perform a couple of songs (yeah, that happened): their concerts just get you in some out-of-the world, spacey-without-drugs mood that I can forgive them every technical lack. Great energy, great voices (I didn’t expect the lead singer to be that good) and great show. It was undoubtedly worth not attending Exitmusic concert (which, sadly, took place the same night) and waiting 30 minutes to get my coat right afterwards (’cause I’m a genius and I lost the number they gave me at the cloakroom).