The Future of Storytelling – Creative Task 4

The Future of Storytelling is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) born and developed at the University of Applied Sciences of Potsdam, near Berlin. The course is open to everyone in the world (who speaks English) and – if you enrol – it gives you weekly writing assignments. This is one of them.


Take a camera, be it you mobile phone, a webcam, … , and introduce yourself to the other StoryMOOCers, telling us which works inspired your interest in storytelling most up to know. Pick out 1-3 works of art, literature, film, TV, game, a website or else and tell us what’s so special about it that you think it might help inspire somebody else anywhere on this planet.

I had many things in mind that could have been more hip, intellectual and alternative, but I realized that this had to be about Buffy.

I’m perfectly fine – in general – with art being just art. It doesn’t have to be life changing: you can like a movie or a book without having your world completely shaken by it, and it’s fine.

But then again I’d lie if I said that this tv show hasn’t affected the way I lived the most formative years of my life, my approach to the English language and the way I read and conceive art.

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