The hardest treasure hunt in Berlin

At the unsettling intersection of a rabbit hole and a black hole, (Rabbit // Black) is the hardest treasure hunt in Berlin.

9 levels designed to make you think, cry, lose hope, triumph and reconnect to a place that may have felt lonely or suffocating throughout 2020.

It is made for Berliners: anyone who lives here can take part (although there might be a waiting list).

It is made for Explorers: anyone who rejects the – literal and figurative – beaten path will probably get a kick out of this.

It is made for Hard Workers: it takes at least two weeks to solve, most of which spent in a frustrated frenzy. If you’re looking for a cutesy scavenger hunt with tasks like “take a picture of a hipster in Neukoelln”, this is not it.

There is no prize, except the joy of discovering beautiful, overlooked spots all over the city.

The first level is right under your noses, somewhere on this page.

Mispellings are on purpose
Entrance through the exif and exif through the entrance