We’re going to smell like gas for the rest of our lives – my third day in Iceland

If there is one lesson I’ve learned from tv series, it’s that a road trip is not a road trip if it doesn’t involve small unpredictable complications tragedies.

We were perfectly aware of the fact that when you’re on the road life has a funny way of sneaking up on you,  so our third day in Iceland was just a little reminder of that.

That morning we left our hostel pretty early, partly ’cause everyone in the room was an early bird and partly ’cause  we were starving and didn’t buy any breakfast ’cause we’re smart.

The sky was scary and silvery and the road empty as usual.

empty road in Iceland


sheep on the road in Iceland

We could have hit a sheep or have a breakdown in the middle of nowhere, but that’s not what happened.

After hours of driving and successful attempts at not hurting sheep, we found a sign indicating that there were hot baths nearby. Once we got there it was clear that that was not the trendiest place to be in Iceland: the hot water was reversed in small lousy containers laying on the ground and the place itself was empty and extremely isolated.

There was a freezing breeze and the scary sky had started to pour rain on us. The most adult and reasonable way to respond to that was of course to take off our clothes and dive into the hot tubs.

We could have been hit my a lightning or robbed of all our belongings and left to die in the cold, but that’s not what happened.

Here’s a picture of me faking a smile while trying to cope with the temperature of the water.

hot baths iceland

We could have gotten permanent burns on our body and lived the rest of our lives being the same color of Po, the red teletubby. That’s not what happened.

Apart form that, it looks like I’m in a swimming pool for children in the backyard of my grandmother’s house.

Here’s evidence we were actually in Iceland.

hot baths iceland stephen

That day we had so much driving.

Like, a lot, because Seydisfjordur wasn’t exactly around the corner.

I could have fallen asleep and led us into a fatal accident, but that’s not what happened.

After the hot baths we stopped two more times. The first one because of – surprise surprise – a waterfall

waterfall iceland

And the second one just to exercise a little bit.

Stephen exercise Iceland

Around 3 PM we finally got to Nord Marina Guesthouse, a hotel we found last-minute which was located just on the banks of a river in a seemingly industrial area.

It could have been a bad choice.



But it was lovely, instead.



The following couple of hours included activities like taking selfies…


…and eating PopCorners, the new shape of popcorn aka our new drug.


Then off to Skaftfell, a cozy bistro that is also an art center and seemed like the perfect location for our dinner.

It turned out to have amazing pizza and very good icelandic beer.



Everything had been close to perfect, that day.

We left the bistro with full bellies  and satisfied brains, heading to a nearby bar and making a stop at a gas station first.

There is a lot of gushing and spouting in Iceland. It’s all about a subterranean unstoppable gurgle giving water the power to become waterfall, blowing out smoke and making stuff pop out of the places you least expect.

I pushed the pump inside the car like I had done a million times before in my life and I certainly didn’t expect what followed. The gasoline spilled like a geyser turning dry sleeves into wet ones and good moods into grumpy ones.

If smells could be photographed, that is exactly the picture I’d paste right here.

– I can’t believe that just happened.

– Fuck! We’re gonna smell like gas for the rest of our lives!

If there is one lesson I’ve learned from tv series, it’s that a road trip is not a road trip if it doesn’t involve small unpredictable tragedies.

To be continued, I guess.