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Make Love, Not Sense

17 romantic movie quotes that only truly resonate when addressed to pizza

March 8, 2015 by Fede | 0 comments

When Harry Met Sally

New York, New Year’s Eve. Harry’s home alone and single when he realizes that the only thing he needs to be happy is pizza. The supermarkets are about to close and his dramatic, desperate run to buy frozen pizza makes for a heartbreaking declaration.


The Hunger Games

A bunch of strangers are sent to a jungly place and the lack of pizza joints makes them rightfully homicidal.


City of Angels

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Just like New Mexico – my fifth day in Iceland

February 26, 2015 by Fede | 0 comments

Warning: this post is a filler and lacks in creativity.

I think my brain is drained from writing the unexpectedly successful Berlin Supermarkets Guide for Uberlin, a silly post about Italian expressions and from photoshopping an idiotic modified Berlin U-Bahn Map.

I feel like I won’t be creative anymore. Ever. From next week this blog will be about the weather and will feature tips and tricks on how to file your tax declaration.

Here’s some mediocre photos from my fifth day in Iceland.

On day number five we kept hanging in the surroundings of Lake Myvatn and hired a guy to show us around.
I don’t know why we did.
His name was Benny.
I don’t know why we did.


Benny took us to two waterfalls, one of which was Europe’s most powerful one.

It was incredible.

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Fifteen Love Songs

February 15, 2015 by Fede | 1 Comment

No better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than to have sex assemble a love songs mixtape.

Hope all of you had someone, something or somewhere to love.

man of the hour * norah jones

At some point between 2007 and 2009, Norah Jones broke up with her long-time boyfriend and bassist Lee Alexander. She then cut her long brown hair and the cheese off her music, releasing a record that sounded more interesting than anything she’d ever done before.

The Fall (this the name of the record) didn’t sell super well, but featured one of her most convincing, realistic and straightforward love songs to date.

Which – FYI – is a declaration of affection to her dog.

[Click here to listen]

norah jones

history of touches * bjork

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11 Italian Expressions that will make you emphatically spit your espresso

January 21, 2015 by Fede | 0 comments

From the creator of the acclaimed  8 Italian expressions having to do with poop (yep, that’s me!), here comes another dive into the darkness of the Italian language.

Delightfully vulgar and creepily truthful, this blog post is not suitable for pregnant women, minors or pregnant minors.

Here we go:


To take someone by the ass or Prendere per il culo means making a fool of someone, joking or even conning somebody.

Usage Examples:

– So you don’t really own a boa constrictor?
– LOL. No, we’ve been taking you by the ass the whole time!
– Haha!


– The commercial says I’m gonna lose 20 Kg in two weeks!
– That must be a take by the ass, there’s no way something like that is doable


– I was out visiting my friend Micheal
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Hair – A Tribute

January 15, 2015 by Fede | 0 comments

The internet knows things about you which you’re still not aware of. Anything you’ve ever shared, anything you’ve written while you were drunk or angry or in search of attention, is recorded and delineates a big picture of behaviours and thoughts that is bigger than your consciousness.

In particular, what the internet told me recently is that I speak a lot about hair.

In fact, it turns out hair is the topic I tweet about the most.

Hard to admit it, but that makes sense. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my puffy, untamable hair. I think it’s a feisty component of my look and (when it gets too long) it makes me stand out against my will. It’s what makes my shadow look like the one of a Playmobil figure and what makes my life motto “Every day is a bad hair day”.

On the other hand it’s also true that 30 years after my birth my hair is still right where it belongs. I’m gonna celebrate that by going down memory lane with a selection of tweets that the Internet is kindly harvesting for me.


September 3. 2013 – Porn Hair

September 10. 2013 – Lost Hair


September 12. 2013 – Wishful Hair

September 27. 2013 – Tribute Hair

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10 Best Records of 2014

January 3, 2015 by Fede | 0 comments

Last part of my records-of-the-year list. You can read the previous episode here.

Also, Spotify gently informed me that my most listened record of the year is New Found Land by New Found Land. I couldn’t put it in the list because it’s old, but I’m proud of every single listen. Go listen to it now if you don’t trust me!

#10   at best cuckold   avi buffalo

Does the fact that this record made it into the top 10 have anything to do with me having a crush on Avi Zahner-Isenberg? Probably not.

I listened to At Best Cuckold a lot, way more than I did with Avi Buffalo’s first creature. Its dreamy, long guitar solos drove me into imaginary make out sessions with Avi ZI – true – and made the whole thing sound like an alternative soundtrack to La Boum. But then the lyrics bind everything to the ground by adding something that’s dirty, modern and certainly weird (one song features the line “I’m a cheese ball on fire”…erm…ok).

Long story short: Avi Buffalo at its catchiest with expressionist music pictures of modern youngsters’ dilemmas.

Listen to: Won’t be around no more

avi buffalo - at best cuckold

#9   the future’s void   EMA

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Best Records of 2014 —- #20 to #11

December 26, 2014 by Fede | 0 comments

Third part of my end-of-the-year best records list. You can read the second part here or jump to the top 10 here.

#20   el pintor   interpol

A solid, more than respectable record by a band that’s been around for more than 15 years and clearly hasn’t lost its charm.

Listen to: All the rage back home


#19   atlas   real estate

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Best Records of 2014 —- #30 to #21

December 14, 2014 by Fede | 0 comments

Second part of my best records of 2014 list. You can read the first part here or go read the best 10 records.

#30   seeds   tv on the radio

Tv on the radio are back and give us exactly what we expect from them: nothing less and nothing more.

Also: best album cover of the year, hands down.

Listen to: Ride


#29   benji   sun kil moon

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