Rabbit//Black | the hardest treasure hunt in Berlin

What is this?

At the unsettling intersection of a rabbit hole and a black hole, Rabbit // Black is the hardest treasure hunt in Berlin.

11 levels designed to make you think, lose hope, triumph, and reconnect to a place that may have felt lonely throughout the pandemic.

It is made for Berliners: anyone who lives here can take part.

It is made for Explorers: anyone who rejects the – literal and figurative – beaten path will probably get a kick out of this.

It is made for Hard Workers: it takes at least two weeks to solve, most of which spent in a frustrated frenzy. If you’re looking for a cutesy scavenger hunt with tasks like “take a picture of a hipster in Neukoelln”, this is not it.

What do I win?

There is no prize, only the joy of discovering beautiful, overlooked spots all over the city.

How do I play?

You can play for free, at your own pace, alone or with friends. The first level is right under your nose, somewhere on this page.