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Berlin Social Media Week pt 1 – Social Media Monitoring

Today started the social media week in Berlin (and other 12 cities in the world), which is either an excuse to promote your company (it doesn’t really matter what you do: you can easily come up with a made up name like social media business model future correlations and speak about how tasty your cookies are) or an excuse to spend more time on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (like we needed one).

Anyway, I decided to attend a couple of events because I kinda work in this field and whatever, I’m a curious person. My first choice was called Social Media Monitoring and the speaker was Gabriel Escalona.

The moment he entered the room I knew that I liked him (even only for his resemblance with actress Michelle Rodriguez) and after a brief introduction I came to like him so much that I actually hated him.

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On the Regenfest

Last weekend I attended this little Berlin independent festival called Regenfest. I’m usually against festivals in principle, but this one was short, cozy and the atmosphere was so relaxed that it felt like being with friends in someone’s backyard on a lazy late summer afternoon. But oh, yeah, the bands were good. I think the highlights were:

+ Petula +
I actually got there while he was about to finish, ’cause I got stuck in a delicious portuguese original brunner (breakfast+lunch+dinner). Anyway, I’m sure he was good and I already spoke about him on stage here.

+ Empire Escape +
They sound a little like The Smiths (and who doesn’t, these days?) but there’s also some unique chemistry going on in their (extremely catchy) music. I’m curious to see what they’ll evolve into.

+ This Mess is Mine +
Don’t know where this guy came from, but his heartbreaking acoustic ballads are clearly my cup of tea. Also, I managed to be moved by this performance even though in the meantime I was going through the five stages of grief cause my camera got lost and when I found it (on the grass) it basically didn’t work. RIP.


The one where my soul was strong but frozen yogurt was stronger

So, I was invited to this Airbnb event somewhere in Prenzlauer Berg. After reading the bad experience my friend Catherine just had with them in the US my conscience was telling me not to go. They basically tried to melt her family (including her yet unborn child) in an air-conditioning-less oven of an apartment in Florida, and she had the hardest time getting a refund. Which horrible things could I then expect from this Berlin event? Satanic rituals? Dwarf tossing? Retro italian trash music?

The world needed to know. So I decided I would go just to see and document, but I would NOT have fun, no matter what.

I’m better than this.

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Berlin Music Week of Epic Failure

“You wanna come and see Sigur Ros for free?”.

That’s what Alex told me on the phone, almost causing an heart attack in my poor 28 years old body. He told me he won two accreditations for the Berlin Music Week and he wanted to give me the second one.


But then we went to get our badge (which, just so you know, was basically the size of a surf table) and found out our accreditation didn’t cover the Berlin Festival (where Sigur Ros were playing). We were disappointed, true, but also curious about all these events we could suddenly be a part of.

Or not.

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All adventurous women and me do

girls hboIf you know me personally you’re probably aware of my passion insane obsession for HBO show Girls.

It started slowly a couple of months ago: when my friend Simone introduced me to the pilot I got really engaged and could easily identify with the themes of the series. The main character Hannah, in particular, was clearly a more tattoed, less dressed up (not as in elegant, but as in naked) version of me.  So I started doing normal fan stuff like quoting the show with my friends, searching information on the internet and asking to be called Hannah during intercourse.

Everything was normal, but then it escalated.

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Concerts of August

future islands @ schokoladen

I can’t really tell why I didn’t like this concert. Future Islands are good. I liked them in Berghain some months ago and I generally like (but not love, let’s not exaggerate) their music. Anyway something was off that night. I was probably not in the mood and the persistent rain falling on my head in Schokoladen internal garden wasn’t really helping with that.

But they’re good. Yeah, they’re good.

petula @ schokoladen

I usually don’t write two separate reviews for the opening act and the main act (I’m a busy important person, just so you know). But A) August was poor in concerts and B) Petula was such a nice surprise that he deserved to have his own space.
Who’s this guy? I’m not sure. Finding information about him wasn’t that easy (and yeah, ok, my search lasted five minutes and then I went back to watching videos of sneezing kittens on youtube). All I know is that after playing with six million bands he started making his own music, which combines the painful tortured melodies of Xiu Xiu with some interesting guitar-driven arrangements. And he loops stuff (always a plus). Not only he makes good music, but he’s also an intense convincing performer: everybody in the audience looked engaged, especially this middle age couple standing in front of me (I’m almost sure they were his parents).
I think I wanna see more. And I’m certainly looking forward to his upcoming record, Don’t Forget Me, Petula! Don’t Forget Everything, Petula.

Me — Desperate Hipster Attempt Edition

There was a time when I was pretty intolerant towards hipsters. For no particular reason, actually, other than in Berlin being against hipsters is possibly trendier than being a hipster yourself.  But then I ran into an interesting post about being a hipster written by my friend Adam and a whole new world disclosed before my eyes.

Being a hipster was suddenly this enriching, proactive, positive way of living your life, and of course I needed to try that. But how to start? Was it an inside process or the outside part was relevant too? I decided to start working on my image ’cause hey, I’m a superficial person, and I happened to have just won a Hipster Kit from a website called Hipstery, through a contest hosted on Uberlin.

hipster fede

The result (see photo) made me die inside. It’s worse than the time I tried to drink Club Mate (which I won’t ever ever do again) and I think it made pretty clear that glasses, a big moustache and my own real nose don’t really look good on my face.

The good news is that if I ever get to rob a bank I already know how to dress up.