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Just a quick post to share with you all a revelation I had a couple of days ago.

I’m done working for evil multinationals that only think about making more money, to the expense of poor people in Asia or something.

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And Photos

I’ve always been terribly untalented at anything visual (painting, fashion, furnishing: just name anything that has to do with¬†aesthetic) so when my camera broke down, last October, I thought it was the end of my photographic attempts.

But then I won a Diana Mini White through a giveaway hosted on (very cool Berlin blog!) and I started taking pictures again. Here’s the first attempts:

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Tickle season 2: we’re almost there

I can’t hide my secret identity any longer.

I am the executive producer/screenwriter/director of the critically unacclaimed tv series Tickle.

Tickle‘s second season will start in a couple of weeks on the CW, a network famous for supporting, producing and broadcasting series that are full of crap potential.

Here is an interview I did some time ago, in which I look back at the first season and speak about the future of the whole series.

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On the dutch royal family

Just a couple of days ago I was planning my first trip to Amsterdam and found out, not without a bit of surprise, that the Netherlands have a royal family. I immediately wondered why I don’t ever hear of them, not even from the biggest expert in european royalty I’ve ever met. Are they so boring that trashy magazines just ignore them? The answer – according to The Guardian – is a big “no”! A lot of the stories concerning the dutch royal family have actually The-Bald-and-the-beautiful potential and shouldn’t go unheard. Too bad that I already booked a room at the Accor Hotel in Amsterdam: since they’re the coolest royal family in Europe they would probably let me couch surf at their castle if I asked. But let’s review briefly who the members of the family are.

Queen Beatrix
File photo showing Netherlands' Queen Beatrix smiling during a welcome ceremony at a former coal mine in Essen

She’s been the queen of Holland until a couple of months ago, when she said “fuck it, I’m neither the pope nor queen Elizabeth! I’m gonna pass the crown to my son and go living life adventurously”. So she signed a couple of papers and probably went on one of the dutch caribbean islands to party all night long.
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