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A DIY Birthday Gift

My boyfriend had a birthday earlier this week.

Since we’ve been together for a while I wanted to give him a special present; something personal and remarkable, a celebration of our love.

Then I did a reality check: at some point he’s gonna break up with me for some stupid reason, like the fact that my flat looks like the scene of a shooting or the unsubstantiated idea that I’m a hoarder (that badge of a russian woman I once found on the street might always come handy, you never know!).

So what was the point in giving him a present which he’ll find himself setting on fire on Valentine’s Day? And even if we end up living happily ever after, the truth is that I’ll always be number two in his heart (well, three if we count Angela Merkel, but that might be just a sexual thing).

I took in this revelation, accepted it and chose to do create a gift that celebrates his relationship with his first true real love forever and ever:


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The Barbie Dreamhouse Near Death Experience

At first I didn’t want to write about my BarbieĀ® Dreamhouse Experience. I wanted to bury it in me till the day I’d be able to afford professional help.

Then I realized how many unaware followers Barbie has and I can’t stay silent anymore. I need to save them. I need to write about it, even if it means reliving that childhood trauma you pretend was just a bad dream.

Dramatic Pause.

barbie dream house experience

BarbieĀ®’s house was built overnight next to the ugliest shopping mall in Berlin. Just like that. We woke up and there it was, like the castle of a very gay Dracula screaming “I’m in town, bitches!”. I didn’t want to go there, actually, but every time I’d pass by I felt the dark pink side of the force calling me, seducing my soul from afar with its sober yet fascinating elegance. Plus: a giant fountain shaped like a girly shoe. How could I resist?! Read More