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Best records of 2013 – fifth to first

Big Wow: It’s only February and I’m already done with my best records of 2013 list!

Too bad I wasn’t able to squeeze in some outstanding albums I discovered in the past couple of weeks. One above all: New Found Land by New Found Land, a one man girl act which might be the ultimate proof of how Sweden produces all the cool music nowadays (as if Frida Hyvonen, Jens Lekman and El Perro del Mar weren’t convincing enough).

But before diving into the final part of the list, let’s all listen to what has been – without any doubt – my earworm throughout 2013.

#5   smilewound   mùm

More accessible than anything else they’ve done, Smilewound is made of ghostly atmospheres and layered delicate tunes that speak right to your heart but won’t disappoint your brain either.

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Best records of 2013 – tenth to sixth

#10   the branches   radical face

Ben Cooper aka Radical Face never fails to convey through his music that warm, special sense of…something. Interestingly enough, he conceived his last three records as a trilogy called The Family Tree, and it’s in fact a feeling of domestic comfort and distant memories that pervades you while listening to the last chapter. Well done!


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Best records of 2013 – fifteenth to eleventh

#15   aventine   agnes obel

The fact that I like piano-driven, classical-influenced pop is no news; nevertheless I would have never imagined to find Agnes Obel so high in my best records of 2013 list. Aventine, I think, has some special charm that Philarmonics didn’t have. It’s darker, intriguing, shy. There’s less stuff lying around for everyone to see and requires therefore more digging.


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Best records of 2013 – twentieth to sixteenth

#20   versions   zola jesus

Nobody invited her to an Mtv Unplugged but she did it anyway. Zola Jesus paired up with a string quartet and released this stripped down, heartbreaking collection of old songs revisited, which testifies her talent as a singer and reminds us of how soulful her music is.


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Best records of 2013 – thirtieth to twenty-sixth

#30   tales of a grasswidow   cocorosie

I confess: I inserted this record in the list just because having a “Best 29 records of 2013” list sounded awful. Don’t get me wrong, Tales of a Grasswidow is still better than many other releases I heard in the past months, but Cocorosie’s music lost something over the years and having Antony singing in the record won’t make up for it this time.

CocoRosie - Tales Of A Grass Widow

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