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The Barbie Dreamhouse Near Death Experience

At first I didn’t want to write about my Barbie® Dreamhouse Experience. I wanted to bury it in me till the day I’d be able to afford professional help.

Then I realized how many unaware followers Barbie has and I can’t stay silent anymore. I need to save them. I need to write about it, even if it means reliving that childhood trauma you pretend was just a bad dream.

Dramatic Pause.

barbie dream house experience

Barbie®’s house was built overnight next to the ugliest shopping mall in Berlin. Just like that. We woke up and there it was, like the castle of a very gay Dracula screaming “I’m in town, bitches!”. I didn’t want to go there, actually, but every time I’d pass by I felt the dark pink side of the force calling me, seducing my soul from afar with its sober yet fascinating elegance. Plus: a giant fountain shaped like a girly shoe. How could I resist?! Read More


Violent or tender, sexual or innocent, disturbing or comforting:  these are just a few of the adjectives – certainly conflicting – that come to mind while visiting Veronika Obertová and Michaela Čopíková exhibition named Hugs.
In this one time show/exhibition the two talented slavic illustrators gave an unusual, diversified, at times creepy representation of one of the most human signs of affection: the hug.

hugs - Veronika Obertová and Michaela Čopíková Read More

Find a shoe, pick it up

First of all: the title of this post is supposed to be an homage to the pilot of Wonderfalls, but I don’t expect you to know that (I’d like to have an educated audience, but I also realize that speaking of vibrators and Steffi Love won’t get me that).

Anyway, the other day I was heading towards the office on the usual street and I found a shoe on the ground. Since the tile on which the shoe was lying was colored in red, I realized something was off and took a moment to inspect the object. Attached to the shoe I found a little card saying that the shoe was part of an art project called A Rite taking place the next day inside Istituto Cervantes in Berlin, and that I needed to go there and return the shoe.

I like art. And the concept was amazing. It was about the shoe being connected to the ground, and walking is a rite of passage, and you tie yourself to people like you tie your own shoes, and shoes are both limitating and empowering.

Ok, I just went ’cause I stalked researched the artists beforehand and I was hoping Caique Tizzi would be naked like in previous works.

He was not. He told me I needed to find a person inside the gallery and decide to tie my shoe with his/her shoe and hang the whole thing to a wire. I asked “Do I need to find the shoe that matches mine?” and he answered “That would be too romantic, don’t you think?”.

I lost faith in the world and took a glass of free wine.

Eventually I tied my shoe to the shoes of what I think was a lesbian couple.

Forever Alone.

Berlin Social Media Week pt 1 – Social Media Monitoring

Today started the social media week in Berlin (and other 12 cities in the world), which is either an excuse to promote your company (it doesn’t really matter what you do: you can easily come up with a made up name like social media business model future correlations and speak about how tasty your cookies are) or an excuse to spend more time on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (like we needed one).

Anyway, I decided to attend a couple of events because I kinda work in this field and whatever, I’m a curious person. My first choice was called Social Media Monitoring and the speaker was Gabriel Escalona.

The moment he entered the room I knew that I liked him (even only for his resemblance with actress Michelle Rodriguez) and after a brief introduction I came to like him so much that I actually hated him.

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The one where my soul was strong but frozen yogurt was stronger

So, I was invited to this Airbnb event somewhere in Prenzlauer Berg. After reading the bad experience my friend Catherine just had with them in the US my conscience was telling me not to go. They basically tried to melt her family (including her yet unborn child) in an air-conditioning-less oven of an apartment in Florida, and she had the hardest time getting a refund. Which horrible things could I then expect from this Berlin event? Satanic rituals? Dwarf tossing? Retro italian trash music?

The world needed to know. So I decided I would go just to see and document, but I would NOT have fun, no matter what.

I’m better than this.

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Berlin Music Week of Epic Failure

“You wanna come and see Sigur Ros for free?”.

That’s what Alex told me on the phone, almost causing an heart attack in my poor 28 years old body. He told me he won two accreditations for the Berlin Music Week and he wanted to give me the second one.


But then we went to get our badge (which, just so you know, was basically the size of a surf table) and found out our accreditation didn’t cover the Berlin Festival (where Sigur Ros were playing). We were disappointed, true, but also curious about all these events we could suddenly be a part of.

Or not.

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