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Best Records of 2014 —- #40 to #31

#40   muna   marketa irglova

Contemporary music doesn’t seem to be very much about Beauty (capital letter intended). It’s about self-expression or differentiation or intellectualism or pain or flashiness or experimenting, but rarely about beauty plain and simple.

Czech artist Marketa Irglova, as a response to that, seems like one of those people who enter the recording studio with the main goal of doing something that is precisely beautiful. And that can be ok, too.

Listen to: The Leading Bird

muna -marketa irglova

#39   i remember everything   rivulets

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A March Mixtape


la tarma – la bellezza delle cose

What if the beauty of things got suddenly erased?

It’s hard to figure out whether this young songwriter‘s mission is to create beauty or to erase it. Inside her music you can find so many traditional(ly beautiful) melodic elements that have been distorted, twisted, made dirty.

This song, above all the others in the record, sounds like a struggle between old and new, taught and discovered, imposed and conquered; and we do like struggling personalities, don’t we?

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Frühlingslieder (1)

beach houselazuli

listening to beach house’s music is like moving through a sunny forest of sounds. You don’t really know what to expect, but it’s all so poetic and delicate that you can’t possibly be scared of getting lost in it.


bowerbirdstuck the darkness in
This Bowerbirds’ song carries a nostalgic flavour and brings back memories from gazillions of years ago. Sweet.

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