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Best Records of 2012 – Episode VIII

I started this list in December 2012 and it’s crazy that it took me so long to get to the end. But here I am, against all odds I made it and here are my favourite five records of last year.

5   animal collective   centipede hz

animal collective
After an obscure, dense project like ODDSAC I was afraid the new AnCo record would have been something pretentious. Au contraire, even though Centipede Hz is – as always – beautifully layered and complex it also turned out to be one of their poppest work ever. What could I ask more? Read More

My Favourite Things of 2012 (Jul-Dec)


Fiona Apple releases a new record after seven years. It’s outspoken and painful like everything she’s done, and it definitely makes the wait worth it.
– I go to a Diane Airbus exhibition and find out that she said that a picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know, making me want to write pictures.
– I buy some letter-shaped magnets at the supermarket and start taking pictures of my favourite words.
– In China, a man’s penis gets stolen by thieves. Read More

Frühlingslieder (1)

beach houselazuli

listening to beach house’s music is like moving through a sunny forest of sounds. You don’t really know what to expect, but it’s all so poetic and delicate that you can’t possibly be scared of getting lost in it.


bowerbirdstuck the darkness in
This Bowerbirds’ song carries a nostalgic flavour and brings back memories from gazillions of years ago. Sweet.

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My first year in Berlin in 10 songs (part 1)

1. the war on drugsCome to the city

I grew up in a small, quiet village and I know the advantages of living in the countryside; I actually come to miss it, every now and then. But at the same time I’ve always known that my place had to be in a dimension where ridiculous, dangerous, unexpected things happen, where stories clash into each other and possibilities are so wide that you can’t even start to imagine them.
The city is definitely my place, and whenever I listen to this song by the War on drugs I immediately flash back to my first months in Berlin. There’s a vibrant, sleepless, alive mood attached to this song and that’s the same mood I got when I used to walk through the streets of Mitte by myself, right after work.

Take me back to the one I love. It’s not far, it’s on the way. I’ve been ramblin’

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