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Best Records of 2012 – Episode VIII

I started this list in December 2012 and it’s crazy that it took me so long to get to the end. But here I am, against all odds I made it and here are my favourite five records of last year.

5   animal collective   centipede hz

animal collective
After an obscure, dense project like ODDSAC I was afraid the new AnCo record would have been something pretentious. Au contraire, even though Centipede Hz is – as always – beautifully layered and complex it also turned out to be one of their poppest work ever. What could I ask more? Read More

Best Records of 2012 – Episode VII

10   mount eerie   clear moon + ocean roar

mount eerie

When you release two LPs in one year either you’re extremely inspired or you’re in desperate need of money; Ocean Roar and Clear Moon by american based songrwriter Phil Elverum hardly leave any doubt about which motivation is behind them. Their rich sound textures and stunning atmosphere are something difficult, intricate but somehow extremely powerful. Read More

Best Records of 2012 – episode V

20   xiu xiu   always
xiu xiu
Jamie Stewart sings like a person who was kidnapped, brought into a dark cave, blindfolded and being tortured. Don’t know if it’s good for him, but after 10 years from Xiu Xiu’s debut I still believe in that pain and think the band is still able to outcome convincing passionate music. Read More

Best Records of 2012 – episode III

30   aimee mann   charmer
aimee mann
This whole record sounds like a sequel to Ballantines, the song that wrapped up the previous one: the music is as polished and cheerful as bitter are its lyrics. In the target of the 40-something american songwriter we find, this time, those charming hypocrites who manage to rule the world and get everything to turn in their favour. The record misses some poetry from her early works (Lost in space above all) but confirms Aimee Mann’s talent as a storyteller. Read More

Best Records of 2012 – episode I

40   dear reader   idealistic animals

dear readerEven though Cherilyn MacNeil and Darryl Torr parted ways, Dear Reader still have an identity. They have it while performing their own music as well as while doing covers. MacNeil’s voice and writing are highly recognizable in this second work by the southafrican band (well, it’s more of a solo project now) and If I had to use one (inappropriate) word to describe this record I would say it’s cute. Less needed and intense than Replace why with funny, for sure, but  seemingly charming and elegant in that fairytalish colorful way. Read More