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Amiina @ Babylon, Istanbul


I have to admit that Babylon was not quite as I had imagined it. My turkish friends told me that it’s the most popular venue for concerts in Istanbul, so I just figured it would be something like Berlin‘s Astra. Therefore I was nothing but surprised when I stepped in and I saw how small and cozy Babylon actually is. I guess this explains why a lot of major bands are skipping the turkish capital city when setting up tour dates.

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Abandoned Places

teufelberg - simone montanari

You told me that you like abandoned places, so I took you to one. And hoped you would have liked as well my heart (might be deserted enough). There’s ruined thoughts and empty rooms for you to fill; within these cracks you won’t regret the time you kill. There’s haunted spaces with memories unchained, with ghosts of fears of blues of previous pains. I’ll let you in and beg you not to stop, no matter if it’s brain or body or soul you’ll squat.


photo by Simone Montanari

My first year in Berlin in 10 songs (part 2)

6. caribouSun

This is hard to explain, but if you come from a mediterranean country you’ll immediately get why this song has a very tight bond with Berlin. Caribou’s sun is not the warm, reassuring sun you might get to know in Italy. It hides, it lies, sometimes it freezes. It can be an ally as well as an enemy, and you never know when to trust it.
This is the feeling I often get not only about the weather in Berlin, but also about Berlin itself. Sometimes it’s the most welcoming, stimulating city and sometimes it’s a bitch able to shoot you in a colorful supersocial scene as well as to swallow you in a pond of loneliness.

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My first year in Berlin in 10 songs (part 1)

1. the war on drugsCome to the city

I grew up in a small, quiet village and I know the advantages of living in the countryside; I actually come to miss it, every now and then. But at the same time I’ve always known that my place had to be in a dimension where ridiculous, dangerous, unexpected things happen, where stories clash into each other and possibilities are so wide that you can’t even start to imagine them.
The city is definitely my place, and whenever I listen to this song by the War on drugs I immediately flash back to my first months in Berlin. There’s a vibrant, sleepless, alive mood attached to this song and that’s the same mood I got when I used to walk through the streets of Mitte by myself, right after work.

Take me back to the one I love. It’s not far, it’s on the way. I’ve been ramblin’

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Five cool things to do in Bremen

Bremen church

┬áSo, a couple of weeks ago I visited Bremen with my friend Simone. I didn’t really have specific reasons to pick this city; I just knew that this year I wanted to travel more, and most of all that I wanted to explore german cities other than Berlin. Little, cozy Bremen looked like a good starting point to my plan.

The following are a bunch of things that I’d suggest you do in Bremen, if you ever go there.

1. Climbing up Saint Peter’s Tower
No, I am not that kind of sporty, adventurous guy who actually climbs up buildings. But at the same time I don’t think I made an improper use of the word climbing. Going up the long, spiral staircase to reach the top of this tower could be a thrilling/possibly-deathly experience if you’re goofy and slightly overweight like I am. The steps are freaking small and if you meet somebody who’s taking the stair in the opposite direction you just have to cling to the central cylinder and pray. If you manage to get to the top safe and sound, though, you’ll get a nice view of the city.

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