Abandoned Places

teufelberg - simone montanari

You told me that you like abandoned places, so I took you to one. And hoped you would have liked as well my heart (might be deserted enough). There’s ruined thoughts and empty rooms for you to fill; within these cracks you won’t regret the time you kill. There’s haunted spaces with memories unchained, with ghosts of fears of blues of previous pains. I’ll let you in and beg you not to stop, no matter if it’s brain or body or soul you’ll squat.


photo by Simone Montanari

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Federico is a human love letter to the internet. His favourite activities include: hypochondriasis, a tragic vision of the future and lowering his life expectancy one pastry at a time. You can stalk him on TWITTER / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM

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  1. i would think that “you” was for me, but anyway, i like the photo and the text…!

  2. Fede

    When did I take you to an abandoned place? It was you taking me, maybe ^^ Like: to Tempelhof!

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