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A March Mixtape


la tarma – la bellezza delle cose

What if the beauty of things got suddenly erased?

It’s hard to figure out whether this young songwriter‘s mission is to create beauty or to erase it. Inside her music you can find so many traditional(ly beautiful) melodic elements that have been distorted, twisted, made dirty.

This song, above all the others in the record, sounds like a struggle between old and new, taught and discovered, imposed and conquered; and we do like struggling personalities, don’t we?

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Stephen: Hey, did you have posters on your bedroom walls when you were a teenager?

Me: Well, some. It’s kind of embarrassing, so you’ll have to tell me yours afterwards.

Stephen: Deal.

Me: Ok, I had two big posters of Amelie and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Stephen: …

Me: Oh, and one of The Matrix.

Stephen: …

Me: Ok, also an Alanis Morissette one, but small. Your turn.

Stephen: I had pictures of space.


have a great weekend y’all

stephen flips the bird

When They Look at Us

Do you ever wonder how people perceive your relationships?

Sometimes I meet couples that look like a match made in heaven and they end up lasting less than a British tv series.

And then there’s times in which I think the members of the couple have too strong personalities/too few in common/too different lifestyles to really have a future together, but inexplicably everything works out fine, happily ever after and all.

So I’ve been wondering for some time what’s the image that Stephen and me project to the outside world when we’re together and I think I finally found the answer.

I was going through the pictures of our recent trip to Barcelona and it struck me: clearly, what people see when they look at us is

a cute hipster and his dumb cousin.

Here’s why:

barcelona arc de triompf

Barcelona – Arc de triompf

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Frozen: the story behind the story

If you’re under the age of 16 you don’t wanna read this post.
If you’re an adult owning a Barbie collection, you don’t wanna read this post.
If you set a Google Alert that notifies you whenever a new Harry Potter erotic fanfic comes out, you probably wanna keep reading this.


Have you all seen Disney’s latest animated movie Frozen?

I think one of the reasons why it was so successful is that it managed to target wisely both the usual young audience and the adult one.

If on a surface level we had a story about magical powers and family values, in fact, hidden under its thick ice we find in Frozen a tale about acceptance horniness and  need, something we can all relate to.



Anna and Elsa are two sisters living in a scandinavian castle with their disgustingly rich parents. Since there’s no other kid around and when you’re rich you don’t really need an education, their main activities are singing to one another and building snowmen. At age 5 Elsa finds out she has the ability to create snow and freeze everything around her is a lesbian. She has wet dreams about her sister but knows Anna doesn’t feel the same way, therefore she just locks herself in her room and listens to Ani DiFranco. Read More