When They Look at Us

Do you ever wonder how people perceive your relationships?

Sometimes I meet couples that look like a match made in heaven and they end up lasting less than a British tv series.

And then there’s times in which I think the members of the couple have too strong personalities/too few in common/too different lifestyles to really have a future together, but inexplicably everything works out fine, happily ever after and all.

So I’ve been wondering for some time what’s the image that Stephen and me project to the outside world when we’re together and I think I finally found the answer.

I was going through the pictures of our recent trip to Barcelona and it struck me: clearly, what people see when they look at us is

a cute hipster and his dumb cousin.

Here’s why:

barcelona arc de triompf

Barcelona – Arc de triompf

barcelona las ramblas

at a food stand


barcelona poles

Interacting with Poles


barcelona cathedral

Barcelona’s Cathedral



A Happy Kid and an Emo one





I might have created a new facial expression

I know what you’re thinking:

“Fede will never do better than this and Stephen must be going through some psychotropic drugs treatment altering his perception of reality”.




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  1. You are using the famous Laura’s facial expression right? Use it moderately psychotic cousin ^^

    • Fede

      HAHAHAHAHAH I hadn’t thought of that! So I didn’t create it! So sad…

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