10 reasons why Barcelona is better than your city

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking: WUT?! Is he a travel blogger now?! When did that happen?

As a matter of fact, when I started this blog I wanted it to be massively about travels (seen my posts about Bremen and Turkey already?) but then realized that

A- I don’t have money to travel
B- I’m too anxious about flying to do it often
C- I’m a lazy bum.

Still. Sometimes the planets align and I go places. Posts come out of it.

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1) Because of the new, exciting job opportunities

Obama said he’s planning on creating new jobs, but I doubt they’re going to be AS new and outstanding as the Spanish ones.
See, in Barcelona they took outdated professions such as alchemists badgers jesters ninjas and managed to recycle them into new positions that are actually useful to society.


 2) Because it puts things in perspective

Fuck it.

I might be short and fat, but at least I’ve got arms.


3) Because these very brown cookies are not racist


4) Because it reads my mind

That’s a sign!

Like, for real. That was the sign of a bakery where we had breakfast one morning.


5) Because it projects you into the future

I know it’s hard to tell from the picture, but ATMs in Spain are as big as my flat.

Also, they look like the control room of a spaceship.


6) Because Royalty mingles with the simple people

One day we were walking down some street and a REAL princess was there!

I was too shy to demand a picture with her majesty, but we managed to capture the moment anyway.

I’ve called this: Selfie with real princess.


You can tell she’s authentic by the crown and by how amazing her hair looks.


7) Because prevent is better than cure

Civilized countries require people to pick up their dogs’ poop after the act of shame has been publicly performed.

Spain is beyond that. Why even let your pet’s excrements touch the ground?

If you catch your dog in the act, you need to throw yourself forward and perform a full fledged volleyball bump in order to keep the little gift from colliding with the planet Earth.

I swear.


8) Because art is easy to understand and reproduce

I’ve been carrying a work of art around my hips for years and I didn’t realize it.

Thank you, Barcelona.


9) Because flower power

This is actually a pretty cool idea!


10) Because I should have seen just what was there and not some holy lie

I dragged Stephen into a late night supermarket because I thought Natalie Imbruglia was inside.

Still think it was her, buying dog food and all.

Don’t even try to make me change my mind. I’m sure it was Natalie, and this brought me to the realization that I still remember all the lyrics to Torn.


Now go read some useful Barcelona stuff on this website, instead of wasting your time here.


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