Gif me baby one more time

It turned out my smartphone (which I’ve bought less than one year ago) doesn’t support Vine.

You go ahead, beautiful people of the new millennium.

Go ahead towards the future and don’t mind me staying behind.

I have seen a lot. I have tweeted, I have blogged and now it’s time to leave my place to new generations, while the outdated ship that is my soul sinks slowly on the notes of a sad midi file and does the only thing its limited resources still allow:




So welcome to a special edition of When You Live in Berlin:

When intellectual chats turn into a Dramatic Chipmunk impression:


When everything is so damn fu- when you’re drunk



When you explain…stuff.



When one of your friends either tries to self-induce a facelift or she’s making a Yoko Ono impression



When from now on I’m going to jump rope every morning. LOL, hashtag:jk




No child was harmed in the making of these Gifs.


Until I manage to fix that, you can watch this video over and over again and embrace your horrible nature.

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