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Tori Amos. Berlin. Concert

Even though generally speaking I’m a big fan of it, growing up has its disadvantages.

You start feeling less and less about stuff that used to send you over the moon; you become more rational; you even attend the concert of one of your idols without being THAT excited.

tori amos berlin concert

I was sitting patiently and alone on Tempodrom’s bleaches – prior to Tori Amos’ concert in Berlin – trying to test my feelings about the show. Will this build an indelible memory – I thought – or am I too old for that?

What makes things exciting and what makes them memorable?

I know I remember the day I listened to Little Earthquakes for the first time. I remember what I was wearing, the light in the room, what I could see through my window, what I did later on and before that. I don’t think I have a similar, vivid memory for any other record of any other artist, but that felt – with all the naivety I had ans still have – life changing. At the time Art was an instrument to read myself and discovering that particular piece of art was like finding my Rosetta Stone.

tori amos concert

Of course we want meaningful things to be meaningful forever. Even when the lesson they taught us, the meaning they carry, is now so rooted in ourselves that any reminder of it sounds unnecessary or even didactic.

I was wondering – legitimately – if those songs at their barest (piano+voice) would have taken me to the same emotional places they once did. I kept wondering the same, sort of, throughout the first four songs of the show. I kept being coldly dubious until this happened Read More

QUIZ: What annoying feature of the German language are you?

Warning! This is not Buzzfeed. If you wanna take this personality test you’re going to need a piece of paper and a pencil to note down your answers, like real men (and women!) do. If you’re a lazy bum, just go on Buzzfeed and find out if you’re a bad person (which you are, if you’re leaving this page).

It’s Friday night and you’re awaited for dinner by:

A) My fans. I’m gonna show up one hour late and demand that we pick another restaurant. Just because.

B) One or two close friends, nothing major.

C) My Mom. Hopefully.

D) The Puzzles-and-ancient-languages-and-boring-hobbies Club. I’m the president.

E) Friends whom I don’t really like.

If you were a Berlin attraction: Read More

Tote Bags for Dysfunctional People – Enter the Giveaway

Update: I used to have an Etsy shop selling these bags but it’s not there anymore. Drop me an email if you’d like to buy one; I might consider getting back into business ;-)

tote bag giveaway

(Even though the weather in Berlin is momentarily revolting) Totes Season is Coming!

What better occasion to proudly show off how irreparably damaged we are?

I made these for some friends and now I have TWO to give away on the blog.

Here’s what you need to do to enter the contest:

1) Enter my mailing list (on the right sidebar of this page!)

2) Leave a comment to this post, letting me know which of the four bags you see below is your favourite (and please use the same email address you used for the mailing list)

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Easy Peasy! On the first of July I’ll assign a number to each contestant and Read More