Tote Bags for Dysfunctional People – Enter the Giveaway

Update: I used to have an Etsy shop selling these bags but it’s not there anymore. Drop me an email if you’d like to buy one; I might consider getting back into business ;-)

tote bag giveaway

(Even though the weather in Berlin is momentarily revolting) Totes Season is Coming!

What better occasion to proudly show off how irreparably damaged we are?

I made these for some friends and now I have TWO to give away on the blog.

Here’s what you need to do to enter the contest:

1) Enter my mailing list (on the right sidebar of this page!)

2) Leave a comment to this post, letting me know which of the four bags you see below is your favourite (and please use the same email address you used for the mailing list)

3) Share this post on Facebook

Easy Peasy! On the first of July I’ll assign a number to each contestant and draw the two winners through a random number generator.





Terms and Conditions: The contest is open to 18+ (18 years old and older) contestants from everywhere in the world. The 2 winners will be notified via email and will have one week to respond and provide their shipping details (name, address, blah). In case one or both of the winners won’t answer in the specified time frame, a new winner (or winners) will be drawn. The data provided by the winners will be used exclusively for the shipping of their prizes and not to stalk them with infra-red binoculars on a seemingly quiet winter night. Everything you write in the comments might and will be used against you in court. Everything you think but don’t say out loud still ends up in the spam folder of God.




  1. Liz

    LOL! “Lowering my life expectancy…” is the best!!

  2. Ahah, see what you did there.
    I am in for the schokobrötchen. Because it’s awesome and because I washed my white totes with red stuff and now they are all pink

  3. Deanna Herrmann

    Hi! Just discovered you through Young Germany. I’m also an expat in Germany and your new follower. :-)

    I love them all! But alas, I know I must choose, so I pick – EAT ALL THE COOKIES!

    Sharing and subscribing now. :-) Danke!

    • Fede

      Ehy Deanna! I’m happy you like them! :-)

      I’m pretty sure I have you on Twitter already! Well, welcome here too ^^

  4. Eden

    The schokobrötchen tote! I was in Berlin in March and I miss the bakeries there.

    • Fede

      Really? To me that’s actually one pretty disappointing point…Italian bakeries are soooo much better :P

  5. Karen

    I really love this one “If they don’t have Bread Let them eat Schokobrötchen”

  6. Maja

    as everyone pointed out – all of them are so great and funny, i wish you’ll send me all of them cause i know that my friends will adore them.. and envy me… hehehe
    (maybe i’ll be willing to share….)

    but the one i like the most is – schokobrötchen tote!

  7. Monika

    cool! I like the bags
    Schokobrötchen as well :)

    • Fede

      Of course! Tote bags are never enough! :P

  8. Bruno Alcântara

    The schokobrötchen tote is my favorite. :-)

  9. These are all wonderful! I’m so glad I saw your work advertised on Facebook-and now I’ll advertise for it more by sharing this post! ;p

  10. Brett

    I’m totally down for the “bless the food i’m about to eat” tote, it’s amazing!

  11. The second one ! Post shared on Twitter / FB / G+ and I did put a banner for your dog on my dog !

    • Fede

      WOW! It’s like you’ve worked in online marketing or something :D

  12. michaela

    This is brilliant idea! I love people who are creative and bring in our l lives bit more laugh and makes us smile :) The world is little bit happier. Carry on! Thanks xxx
    All totes bags are my favourite xx

  13. Great idea! – “he then pointed the Gun at me and said ‘eat all the Cookies'”

  14. I love all of them, but “Eat all the cookies” is my favorite. Because I love cookies. ALL the cookies! o.O

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