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Just like New Mexico – my fifth day in Iceland

Warning: this post is a filler and lacks in creativity.

I think my brain is drained from writing the unexpectedly successful Berlin Supermarkets Guide for Uberlin, a silly post about Italian expressions and from photoshopping an idiotic modified Berlin U-Bahn Map.

I feel like I won’t be creative anymore. Ever. From next week this blog will be about the weather and will feature tips and tricks on how to file your tax declaration.

Here’s some mediocre photos from my fifth day in Iceland.

On day number five we kept hanging in the surroundings of Lake Myvatn and hired a guy to show us around.
I don’t know why we did.
His name was Benny.
I don’t know why we did.


Benny took us to two waterfalls, one of which was Europe’s most powerful one.

It was incredible.

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Fifteen Love Songs

No better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than to have sex assemble a love songs mixtape.

Hope all of you had someone, something or somewhere to love.

man of the hour * norah jones

At some point between 2007 and 2009, Norah Jones broke up with her long-time boyfriend and bassist Lee Alexander. She then cut her long brown hair and the cheese off her music, releasing a record that sounded more interesting than anything she’d ever done before.

The Fall (this the name of the record) didn’t sell super well, but featured one of her most convincing, realistic and straightforward love songs to date.

Which – FYI – is a declaration of affection to her dog.

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norah jones

history of touches * bjork

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