Berlin U-Bahn Map with actual names of Stations but in Comic Sans

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berlin u-bahn map


Why an alternative Berlin U-Bahn Map?

I really don’t know where I got the idea from.

I knew I was creative, but I could have never imagined to come up with something so original and unexplored. I guess I’m a genius.

Are you being sarcastic?

I plead the fifth.

Why keep the actual names of the stations?

If you look for Berlin u-bahn map on Google images you can barely find a REAL map anymore. Seriously.

The next time my parents come to visit I’ll have to give them directions based on which Xmas market is where. Which I’m sure is going to be hard in July.

Why Comic Sans?

‘Cause I’m a sadist

Why isn’t there the whole map?

I got bored half way through.

What’s your favourite color?

Fluo Beige.
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