11 Italian Expressions That Will Weird You Out

From the creator of the acclaimed  8 Italian expressions having to do with poop (yep, that’s me!), here comes another dive into the darkness of the Italian language.

Delightfully vulgar and creepily truthful, this blog post is not suitable for pregnant women, minors or pregnant minors.

Here we go:


To take someone by the ass or Prendere per il culo means making a fool of someone, joking or even conning somebody.

Usage Examples:

– So you don’t really own a boa constrictor?
– LOL. No, we’ve been taking you by the ass the whole time!
– Haha!


– The commercial says I’m gonna lose 20 Kg in two weeks!
– That must be a take by the ass, there’s no way something like that is doable


– I was out visiting my friend Micheal
– Really? Too bad that I’ve met Micheal and you were not with him! Do you really think you can take me by the ass like that?!



To break somebody’s balls or Rompere le palle means being annoying/unbearable/insufferable or even harass somebody else.

A reflexive variation of this expression also exists (To break your own balls or Rompersi le palle),  which means being fed up with a person or a situation.

Usage Examples:

– Leaving the conference already?
– Oh man, I’m really breaking my balls here…


– Sandra, wait!
– No! Your disrespect and rudeness really broke my balls!


– How’s it going with Jay?
– Well. He’s kind of a ballbreaker sometimes, but I love him



Attributing counterdicks or controcazzi to something means finding it outstanding, especially good or powerful.

Usage Examples:

– What did you think of Terminator?
– Amazing! It’s really a movie with counterdicks!


– This year St. Vincent released a record with counterdicks!



Being dead by pussy or Essere morto di figa means not having had sex with a woman for a very long time.

Usage Examples:

– Why is Roberto acting like that with absolutely any girl at the party?
– ‘Cause he’s dead by pussy, clearly!



To have ass or Avere culo means having luck.

Usage Examples:

– The car flipped three times but I ended up being completely fine.
– Wow. You had ass, man.


– OMG! I won 500.000 Euros at the lottery!
– What an ass!!


– If you have ass the professor won’t ask you that super complicated last chapter.


To stand on someone’s dick or Stare sul cazzo a qualcuno means being disliked by someone or getting on someone’s nerves.

Usage Examples:

– Do you know Gennaro?
– Oh, yeah, we used to sit next to each other at school and he really stood on my dick.


– You really stand on my dick when you’re rude to my mother


To make someone’s ass or Fare il culo a qualcuno means beating up somebody, literally or figuratively.

Usage Examples:

– Did you just call me a bitch? Do it again and I’ll make your ass, I swear


– I can’t believe Giorgio is not here. If he’s more than 30 minutes late I’m going to  make his ass!


To be a wooden pussy or Essere una figa di legno means being a whiny or uptight girl.

Usage Examples:

– I wanted to take Lucia camping this weekend but apparently she’s scared of insects
– What a wooden pussy!


There are no dicks or Non ci sono cazzi means that something is certain, agreed on, set in stone.

Usage Examples:

– But what if it rains?
-There are no dicks! We’re going to the lighthouse no matter what!


To make somebody’s dicks or Farsi i cazzi di qualcuno means sticking your nose into someone’s private life, minding someone else’s business.

Usage Examples:

– Linda is such a gossip girl! She’s constantly making everyone else’s dicks!


– What do you know about the new neighbours?
– Not much, I’m not a nosey person. I usually make my own dicks…


To pee outside or Pisciare fuori means being wrong or out of line about something.

Usage Examples:

– What? You’re taking her side now?!
– I’m sorry, but you left me no choice. This time you really peed outside.
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