Hair – A Tribute

The internet knows things about you which you’re still not aware of. Anything you’ve ever shared, anything you’ve written while you were drunk or angry or in search of attention, is recorded and delineates a big picture of behaviours and thoughts that is bigger than your consciousness.

In particular, what the internet told me recently is that I speak a lot about hair.

In fact, it turns out hair is the topic I tweet about the most.

Hard to admit it, but that makes sense. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my puffy, untamable hair. I think it’s a feisty component of my look and (when it gets too long) it makes me stand out against my will. It’s what makes my shadow look like the one of a Playmobil figure and what makes my life motto “Every day is a bad hair day”.

On the other hand it’s also true that 30 years after my birth my hair is still right where it belongs. I’m gonna celebrate that by going down memory lane with a selection of tweets that the Internet is kindly harvesting for me.


September 3. 2013 – Porn Hair

September 10. 2013 – Lost Hair


September 12. 2013 – Wishful Hair

September 27. 2013 – Tribute Hair

September 28. 2013 – Hair with a point


October 3. 2013 – Illegal Hair

October 4. 2013 – Reasonable Doubt Hair


October 25. 2013 – Terminal Hair

November 11. 2013 – Parallel Universe Hair


March 23. 2014 – Hochzeit Hair

June 18. 2014 – Hair on your way


June 17. 2014 – Gross Requests Hair

September 19. 2014 – Fairy Tale Hair


November 16. 2014 – Puffy Hair

December 12. 2014 – Cra-cra Hair