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[concert] Charity Children + Alice Phoebe Lou in Berlin

This – in many senses – was a hot concert.

Charity Children were basically born in Berlin (at least artistically) and even though they’re so young (at least artistically) their loyal following was ready to sell out their Berlin show and occupy Kreuzbergian Club “Lido”.

Which leads to the less metaphorical sense of my first sentence.

Warmest week of the year + No air conditioning + Tons of people = A night (whose smell) I will never forget!

The opener was the shockingly good Alice Phoebe Lou, a young South African singer with a dense voice and good stuff to play.


Watch out, Charity Children, ’cause you may end up opening her concerts sooner than you think!

Break in the smoking area, because lung cancer is better than locker room memories. Read More

[Concert] Xiu Xiu + Owen Pallett in Berlin

Went to Xiu Xiu and Owen Pallett‘s concert in Berlin (more precisely at Volksbuehne) with my friend Simone.

I really couldn’t tell if Xiu Xiu amazed me or disappointed me. I guess part of me was engaged by the crazy good performance and the other was creeped out by the music. Sort of like when your cat brings you a dead bird/mouse inside the house as a gift.

xiu xiu concert berlin

Both the latest record and this concert seem to suggest that the melody days are over and a new era of dark dark dark music has just started for this American duo.

Upside: they’re a sexy band.

xiu xiu cocnert berlin Read More

Tori Amos. Berlin. Concert

Even though generally speaking I’m a big fan of it, growing up has its disadvantages.

You start feeling less and less about stuff that used to send you over the moon; you become more rational; you even attend the concert of one of your idols without being THAT excited.

tori amos berlin concert

I was sitting patiently and alone on Tempodrom’s bleaches – prior to Tori Amos’ concert in Berlin – trying to test my feelings about the show. Will this build an indelible memory – I thought – or am I too old for that?

What makes things exciting and what makes them memorable?

I know I remember the day I listened to Little Earthquakes for the first time. I remember what I was wearing, the light in the room, what I could see through my window, what I did later on and before that. I don’t think I have a similar, vivid memory for any other record of any other artist, but that felt – with all the naivety I had ans still have – life changing. At the time Art was an instrument to read myself and discovering that particular piece of art was like finding my Rosetta Stone.

tori amos concert

Of course we want meaningful things to be meaningful forever. Even when the lesson they taught us, the meaning they carry, is now so rooted in ourselves that any reminder of it sounds unnecessary or even didactic.

I was wondering – legitimately – if those songs at their barest (piano+voice) would have taken me to the same emotional places they once did. I kept wondering the same, sort of, throughout the first four songs of the show. I kept being coldly dubious until this happened Read More

Tori Amos Record Release Party in Berlin

As you may or may not know, Tori Amos is soon releasing a new record called Unrepentant Geraldines (every time I hear the title I automatically think of this blog post. Every. Single. Time. But that’s very Off-Topic, if you ask me).

Tonight she happened to give a Record Release Party in Berlin and I happened to be there.


It was all very mysterious and I didn’t know what to expect. The place was close to Volksbuehne (one of the coolest venues in Berlin) and – even only by the name – it sounded upclass. So upclass that this morning I borrowed stole my boyfriend’s shoes just to be sure they’d let me in.

The fact I went by myself annoyed me just until I found nice interesting people to talk to the bar. When the waiter asked me what I wanted my tongue refrained from automatically replying “a glass of water. Tap” and my highly analytical mind noticed that none of the people standing in front of me had extracted their wallet. It could mean only one thing.

– A Glass of red wine, please

– Oh, I’m so sorry, I made it too full.

– LOL. Right. See you in five.


I am not used to free booze, honestly; I’m used to places where you can have VERY CHEAP booze, but the difference is gigantic. Read More

Concerts of October (I Am Oak, Tori Amos, Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors)

i am oak @ schokoladen
I wrote about it here.

tori amos @ philarmonie
If you were a teenager in the 90’s, there’s high chances that to you Tori Amos doesn’t sing songs as much as she sings memories. I’m aware that I will never ever relate to music like I relate to these songs, ’cause when I discovered Tori Amos, music and life looked like the same violent thing. Now they’re two separate things, none of which is particularly cruel, but still listening to the songs arranged with the Metropole Orchestra inside a crazy venue like Berlin Philarmonie was like rewatching moments of my teenage years on a cinemascope. When she played Baker Baker I think my heart broke irreversibly.

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I Am Oak @ Schokoladen, Berlin

I’m very proud to host on this blog its very first guest post!

Sort of.

The thing is that 1) I couldn’t get into Schokoladen the night I Am Oak played. It basically got sold out two seconds before I got there. Me and my friend Arwin (who had his ticket already) tried to bribe the guy at the entrance but he was like “If I do this for you I’ll have to do it for everyone who asks”. Mpf. Germans and their stupid righteousness. 2) I don’t have Internet at home at the moment (a lot of horror stories began this way, I know) 3) I’m lazy.

So I basically stole the text from an email Arwin sent me. It’s a great review, though. Here it is:

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