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Fifteen Love Songs

No better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than to have sex assemble a love songs mixtape.

Hope all of you had someone, something or somewhere to love.

man of the hour * norah jones

At some point between 2007 and 2009, Norah Jones broke up with her long-time boyfriend and bassist Lee Alexander. She then cut her long brown hair and the cheese off her music, releasing a record that sounded more interesting than anything she’d ever done before.

The Fall (this the name of the record) didn’t sell super well, but featured one of her most convincing, realistic and straightforward love songs to date.

Which – FYI – is a declaration of affection to her dog.

[Click here to listen]

norah jones

history of touches * bjork

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An August Mixtape

There’s no excuse for my hair in this picture.

august mixtape

More to the point: August isn’t the month of new exciting releases and I do love rummaging the internet for covers of my favourite songs.

overlap – ani difranco

she plays beautifully and she gets the song, I can tell

samson – regina spektor Read More

A May Mixtape

Hey boyz and girlz. It’s time, again, for my much awaited monthly mixtape, featuring the best jams I’ve listened to in the past month. Hopefully I’ll manage to stop writing like a 13 y/o by the end of this post.



owen pallett – on a path

If you “stand on a city that you don’t know anymore” (a pretty common feeling here in Berlin) this is the song for you


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Tori Amos. Berlin. Concert

Even though generally speaking I’m a big fan of it, growing up has its disadvantages.

You start feeling less and less about stuff that used to send you over the moon; you become more rational; you even attend the concert of one of your idols without being THAT excited.

tori amos berlin concert

I was sitting patiently and alone on Tempodrom’s bleaches – prior to Tori Amos’ concert in Berlin – trying to test my feelings about the show. Will this build an indelible memory – I thought – or am I too old for that?

What makes things exciting and what makes them memorable?

I know I remember the day I listened to Little Earthquakes for the first time. I remember what I was wearing, the light in the room, what I could see through my window, what I did later on and before that. I don’t think I have a similar, vivid memory for any other record of any other artist, but that felt – with all the naivety I had ans still have – life changing. At the time Art was an instrument to read myself and discovering that particular piece of art was like finding my Rosetta Stone.

tori amos concert

Of course we want meaningful things to be meaningful forever. Even when the lesson they taught us, the meaning they carry, is now so rooted in ourselves that any reminder of it sounds unnecessary or even didactic.

I was wondering – legitimately – if those songs at their barest (piano+voice) would have taken me to the same emotional places they once did. I kept wondering the same, sort of, throughout the first four songs of the show. I kept being coldly dubious until this happened Read More

Tori Amos Record Release Party in Berlin

As you may or may not know, Tori Amos is soon releasing a new record called Unrepentant Geraldines (every time I hear the title I automatically think of this blog post. Every. Single. Time. But that’s very Off-Topic, if you ask me).

Tonight she happened to give a Record Release Party in Berlin and I happened to be there.


It was all very mysterious and I didn’t know what to expect. The place was close to Volksbuehne (one of the coolest venues in Berlin) and – even only by the name – it sounded upclass. So upclass that this morning I borrowed stole my boyfriend’s shoes just to be sure they’d let me in.

The fact I went by myself annoyed me just until I found nice interesting people to talk to the bar. When the waiter asked me what I wanted my tongue refrained from automatically replying “a glass of water. Tap” and my highly analytical mind noticed that none of the people standing in front of me had extracted their wallet. It could mean only one thing.

– A Glass of red wine, please

– Oh, I’m so sorry, I made it too full.

– LOL. Right. See you in five.


I am not used to free booze, honestly; I’m used to places where you can have VERY CHEAP booze, but the difference is gigantic. Read More

Sameheads, different brains

In Berlin they have this bar called Sameheads. It’s in Neukoelln, close to where my boyfriend lives, and it’s not just a bar in fact; it is also a clothes shop, they have movie screenings and every second Thursday they host a trivia night.

Last week I took part to the trivia night with the boyf and two friends. The team was made up of a journalist, a teacher, an architect.

And me.

Being that the trivia categories went from Current Affairs to City Skylines and that I’ve learned everything I know from the street tv, how was I supposed to even compete with everyone else there?

But I’m (ALMOST) 30, you guys! I’m pretty sure my brain filled up with something in the last three decades, so I decided to make a list of everything I feel an expert about, hoping that the guys from Sameheads will read it and turn some of the points into the next categories of the game.

1) Kristen Bell’s Interviews

kristen bell

After Veronica Mars I kinda lost touch with Kristen Bell’s career (let’s be honest: House of Lies is incredibly lame), but I still think she’s an awesome human being and I’ve spent entire afternoons watching her tv appearances in talk shows and interviews (if you haven’t seen the sloth meltdown, you need to watch it NOW).
I’m pretty sure I can recall when and where she said what, to whom, and probably even what she was wearing. Read More

Concerts of October (I Am Oak, Tori Amos, Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors)

i am oak @ schokoladen
I wrote about it here.

tori amos @ philarmonie
If you were a teenager in the 90’s, there’s high chances that to you Tori Amos doesn’t sing songs as much as she sings memories. I’m aware that I will never ever relate to music like I relate to these songs, ’cause when I discovered Tori Amos, music and life looked like the same violent thing. Now they’re two separate things, none of which is particularly cruel, but still listening to the songs arranged with the Metropole Orchestra inside a crazy venue like Berlin Philarmonie was like rewatching moments of my teenage years on a cinemascope. When she played Baker Baker I think my heart broke irreversibly.

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My first year in Berlin in 10 songs (part 2)

6. caribouSun

This is hard to explain, but if you come from a mediterranean country you’ll immediately get why this song has a very tight bond with Berlin. Caribou’s sun is not the warm, reassuring sun you might get to know in Italy. It hides, it lies, sometimes it freezes. It can be an ally as well as an enemy, and you never know when to trust it.
This is the feeling I often get not only about the weather in Berlin, but also about Berlin itself. Sometimes it’s the most welcoming, stimulating city and sometimes it’s a bitch able to shoot you in a colorful supersocial scene as well as to swallow you in a pond of loneliness.

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My first year in Berlin in 10 songs (part 1)

1. the war on drugsCome to the city

I grew up in a small, quiet village and I know the advantages of living in the countryside; I actually come to miss it, every now and then. But at the same time I’ve always known that my place had to be in a dimension where ridiculous, dangerous, unexpected things happen, where stories clash into each other and possibilities are so wide that you can’t even start to imagine them.
The city is definitely my place, and whenever I listen to this song by the War on drugs I immediately flash back to my first months in Berlin. There’s a vibrant, sleepless, alive mood attached to this song and that’s the same mood I got when I used to walk through the streets of Mitte by myself, right after work.

Take me back to the one I love. It’s not far, it’s on the way. I’ve been ramblin’

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