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I peed some pee – a review of Les Miserables

Yesterday night I went to watch Les Miserables. I didn’t know much about the movie (or the musical. or the book) but my obsession for Anne Hathaway totally forced me to go.She was amazing, obviously, but the film wasn’t.  Too long, too much singing, too much Russel Crowe.

I wanted to write a review, but memories of distant times spent reviewing Ugly Betty episodes told me that I’m not good at that.

Therefore I decided to sing my review of Les Miserables, instead of writing it. Which not only will make it more fun, but will also crown me as the new Susan Boyle.

I called it I peed some pee: click on the link below to listen; I’m gonna write the lyrics right below.

Click here to listen

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Car Wash

And the car needs to be washed, of course – he said. And Yes, of course – said my mom after a thirty seconds pause. If the annoying neighbor would have knocked at the door and asked with her annoying voice Is anybody there?, like she had done many times before, I would have answered that no, none of us was there. Not after that phone call, at least. Read More

Oh (no!) Tannenbaum

 O Tannebaum, O Tannebaum,
You give us so much pleasure!
How oft at Christmas tide the sight,
O green fir tree, gives us delight!
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
You give us so much pleasure!

O Tannenbaum, says Wikipedia, is a german song composed in the 19th century. We’ve all sung it during Xmas holidays, at some point, and apparently it was such a big hit in Germany that american people decided to steal it take inspiration from it and use its melody to create the official states’ songs of Maryland, Michigan, Florida and Iowa, accidentally forgetting to let everybody know that the tune wasn’t original, just like Natalie Imbruglia did with Torn.  According to Wikipedia, its lyrics refer to the fir’s evergreen qualities as a symbol of constancy and faithfulness. Read More