• Fede

      It is! Now it’s deadly hot, but some weeks ago we’ve had a couple of cool days…

  1. Simone C

    Hi Fede, I just read your interview on Expats blog and it made me laugh… Went to your blog and liked it even more! You had me at hello, with the picture of you in a red… SLANKET?? Reading what, Crime and Punishment? Whatever it was , that was just awesome.
    I’m an expat myself, born in Brazil, been living in the US, Florida precisely, for more than ten years. Married with a Colombian-German and with two small kids. Yes, I’m on the verge of a breakdown most of the time and I am thinking about letting it out of my system through writing. Why not put a little bit more of chaos in this world, right? In a good way, obviously. I want to start a blog, that is. I like your writing. Well, I am talking too much already. I will keep visiting your blog.

    By the way, here in the US, a slanket is called Snuggie. You can find it in all colors and sizes, and prints: there’s a camouflage one, cheetah, superhero… God Bless America! I don’t own one… yet.

    • Fede

      Hi Simone, it sounds like you should *definitely* start a blog! There’s nothing better than writing to release every day’s tensions and keep yourself from going nuts. Let me know the address as soon as you start it and I will read it with great pleasure! ;-)

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