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  • 23-11-2014 Wok Show in Prenzlauer Berg
    Wok Show Berlin If you love dumplings as much as I do, you can’t ignore the existence of this place any longer. Wok Show, located in a pretty anonymous street of Prenzlauer Berg, is the most authentic dumplings place in Berlin. You can have them fried or steamed and choose  your filling among a quite classic selection: three or four kinds of meat and a couple of vegetarian options. If you’re looking for fancy, extravagant fillings this is not the right place. If you can settle for simple and delicious, then book a table now!
  • 3-8-2014 Ron Telesky in Kreuzberg
    martins placeHonestly, guys, I didn’t even know Canadian Pizza was a thing, but I for sure like it. I think the main difference with normal (read: Italian) pizza is that this one is huge, the crust tastes somehow sweet and the toppings are stuff like sweet potatoes and things you don’t necessarily use in Italian Pizzerias.
  • 22-6-2014 Maria&Josef in Lichterfelde
    martins placeSome days you crave meat and you know it. So much that you’d kill a pig with your own hands if you ran into one.
    That’s fine. We’ve all been there.
    Luckily there’s restaurants like this (specialized in typical dishes from the German region named Bavaria) doing the dirty work for us and bringing to our table amazingly cooked pork, kartoffeln and everything German you probably would expect.
    The location (not really inside the city center) makes it a perfect choice for all the disobedient vegetarians out there *wink*

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Asian Food

cocolo berlinCocolo is a Japanese restaurant specialized in Ramen, a dish made of noodles/dumplings/meat/tofu in hot soup.It looks like the place is becoming the new cool Berlin thing when it comes to Asian food, and it’s all so well deserved, given that the dishes are great, the waiters are nice and the interior has this elegant yet warm vibe.I just wish I knew how to eat Ramne with chopsticks without looking revolting, but that’s my problem.-websitemap
tangs_kantineOne of the best Chinese restaurants in Berlin. Even just ’cause you don’t get out of there smelling like a giant springroll..


#Markthalle Neun#
Eisenbahnstr. 4
On thursday night, this indoor market area in the heart of Kreuzberg turns into a food street fair. Not fancy neither very cheap, but you will find under the same roof specialties from all over the world, from original sicilian arancini to american style barbeque. -website-

Turkish Food

hasir_2Berlin’s full of turks, but not every Turkish restaurant stands up to the expectations you might have if you ever visited Istanbul. Hasir tastes like the real thing, I promise.


German Food

An unpretentious place where you can taste a good (and affordable!) version of Spaetzle, the popular type of noodles from south Germany. In the picture you can see the pumpkin spaetzle, a specialty they only have around Halloween.


#Intimes Café#
Boxhagener Straße 107
Trivia: Germans have their own version of pizza and it’s called Flammkuchen. Flammkuchen is thinner and lighter than its italian cousin, traditionally topped with onion and not necessarily featuring tomato sauce. This cozy café in the heart of Friedrichshain serves a variety of german dishes and the Flammkuchen here is especially delicious. My favourite is probably the one with Philadelphia and Salmon.


#The Bird#
Am Falkplatz 5
I’m not the biggest fan of Hamburgers, but this place just sends my senses to heaven. It’s always packed, you need to book in advance, it takes forever to get your order and one burger (with fries!) costs around 12 Euros (3 times more than your average burger place in Berlin) but it’s so incredibly worth it, trust me.


shiso_burgerWhen I heard there’s such a thing as Japanese hamburgers I was more than ready to bitch about it and call it a bluff, ’cause it reminded me of how Italian cuisine has been disfigured and transformed by pretty much any country that’s not Italy in the past centuries. No good. But then I did actually go to Shiso Burger and now I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it. Their hamburgers are interestingly designed combinations of flavours made with (a few) fresh ingredients. I hope they’re ready to see my face very very often there.


Italian Food

Hasenheide 20
Delicious original pizza, italian kids running around and pictures of the pope on the wall: this is the closest to Italy you’ll find in Berlin

#La Pecora nera#
Herrfurthplatz 6
This cozy Italian restaurant serves good original Italian recipes, but not the ones you expect. You’ll find polenta, interesting pasta plates and Spritz, the trendiest cocktail in Italy right now.

  • 3-5-2014 Carpe Diem in Lichterfelde
    martins place It’s pretty hard to find good Italian restaurants in Berlin. You can find great pizza almost everywhere, but when it comes to pasta – tragically – my expectations are basically never met. One notable exception is this restaurant located outside the Ringbahn. Carpe Diem is far and fairly pricey, true, but it’s also way beyond the “acceptable”; this would be considered to be a VERY good restaurant even on Italian soil. Definitely worth a try!


The nice lady working in this small 100% italian restaurant will introduce you to Piadina, the most underrated italian specialty.

 Mexican Food

Do you wanna things your way even when it comes to fast food? Dolores is the right place for you! This super central Mexican joint(it’s just a ten mins walk from Alexanderplatz) gives you the chance to create your personal burrito in a few easy steps. Of course if you’re like me and you fear choice you will also find classic burritos that won’t require any effort in the ordering process.

Breakfast Places

Martins Place in Neukoelln
martins placeCakes, cakes, cakes! Don’t you ever wake up in the morning craving a gigantic piece of cake? I know I do. Every single day.
If you’re lucky enough to live near this cozy patisserie in Neukoelln, you could have what you see in the picture every given morning.
And trust me: they don’t look half as good as they taste.
katies_blue_catKatie’s Blue Cat is a small café specialized in delicious baked products like muffins, cinnamon rolls and so on.  Recommended if you think breakfast has to be about glucideswebsitemap

Pflügerstr. 19
On Saturdays and Sundays Lagari serves yummy pancakes that could easily compete with the ones your american grandma/boyfriend/colleague makes.


Dirty South is an American diner and has been officially approved by all the Americans I know in Berlin. Both of them. There’s outstanding cocktails (not cheap, but discounted during the happy hour), biscuits covered in gravy, excellent scrambled eggs and everything you’d have if Bree VanDeKamp ever invited you to breakfast at her place.

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    Loved reading over your picks and YES! to Masaniello. I was just there again last night and swooned over that delicious mozzarella. Perfect that it has a Real Italian’s approval.

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