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I keep calm admiring your lava. Not. – a post about Iceland

I have to say that I admire people who can stay calm in front of emergencies.


Unfortunately I am not Bjork and my feelings before leaving for Iceland – given the latest news – were swaying between “we’ll never be able to get there” to “we’ll get there and die”.


Plus, of course, the fear of flying I’ve already written about.

Getting our rented car at Reykjavik airport was a walk in the park and when the incredibly blonde guy handing us the keys asked if we had any questions, we were pretty confident we hadn’t any.

After all we got the full-mega-expensive insurance and did research on how to change a flat tire before leaving. What else could possibly be missing? I’ll tell you what:  I didn’t quite remember how to make the car go in reverse. I could see the R letter on the shift, in the right corner, but the shift itself would insistently refuse to go there.


After a dozen failed attempts inside the parked car I figured out the trick (without any external help! Self high five!) and we could finally put ourselves on the road.

Just in time to see this:

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The Parent (Jocks)Trap

It’s time for me to come clean before my mom leaks this on the internet.

The Parent Trap was by far my favourite movie as a kid.

the parent trap

In case you don’t know it, the story is about two twin sisters separated at young age (one lives with her dad, one with her mom) who meet for the first time at a summer camp and develop a plan to reunite their parents.

I guess what I found charming was the idea of meeting someone who is exactly like you, speaks like you, looks like you and  with whom you share an immediate, indissoluble bond. It sounded comforting. Read More

An August Mixtape

There’s no excuse for my hair in this picture.

august mixtape

More to the point: August isn’t the month of new exciting releases and I do love rummaging the internet for covers of my favourite songs.

overlap – ani difranco

she plays beautifully and she gets the song, I can tell

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It’s my party and I abruptly quit my job if I want to

Two weeks ago I turned 30.

Also, I quit my job. Not on the exact same day and not without having a plan B (FYI: I’m now working for – YAY!), but it did nevertheless feel sudden and unsettling.

Over time the company changed names, faces, direction and pretty much everything you can think of, but I worked there for almost four years (way longer than my longest relationship!) and leaving was bittersweet.

What happened is that I got interviewed, was given the new job, resigned and BAM – two weeks later I was out of the door.

Since I haven’t had the time to properly mourn, I decided to write this post. It’s about the weirdest stuff I found on my very messy Desktop on my last day at the old job.

It feels like the boring flashback episode of a 90s sit-com, but what can you do about it?

A thoughtful (and creepy) Valentine’s Day Card

valetine day card

The day I considered a career change and researched hairdressers specialized in horses

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