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17 RomCom Quotes That Also Work If Addressed to Pizza

When Harry Met Sally

New York, New Year’s Eve. Harry’s home alone and single when he realizes that the only thing he needs to be happy is pizza. The supermarkets are about to close and his dramatic, desperate run to buy frozen pizza makes for a heartbreaking declaration.


The Hunger Games

A bunch of strangers are sent to a jungly place and the lack of pizza joints makes them rightfully homicidal.


City of Angels

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The Indian Abduction or My first Bollywood movie

I started this post more than one year ago. I started it and then realized how painful and traumatic would have been to relive the time of my kidnapping; those three endless hours in which I got psychologically tortured by a bunch of Indian folks.

I wished I could erase this from my mind and pretend it didn’t happen.

I wished I could forget everything and not having to talk about it again.

I wished a lot of things, but then some days ago I found this in my mailbox.



The movie theatre Babylon, in Berlin, is giving away free tickets for a couple of Indian movies and I can’t – I SWEAR TO GOD I CAN’T – let Bollywood make another victim. Read More

[Quiz] Which Dirty Dancing Baby are you?

Warning! This is not Buzzfeed. If you wanna take this personality quiz you’re going to need a piece of paper and a pencil to note down your answers, like real men (and women!) do. If you’re a lazy bum, just go on Buzzfeed and find out if you’re a bad person (which you are, if you’re leaving this page).

I recently found out that my boyfriend has never seen Dirty Dancing and a part of me died forever.

The only thing I can do is honoring this undiscussable masterpiece and its protagonist with a quiz.



Can you lick your elbow?

A) I cannot. I’m a failure.

B) Nothing’s impossible. Believe in your dreams.

C) Sure! Haven’t you seen my latest Facebook Album?

D) No, but I can lick yours if you let me

You run into that boy you have a crush on. You:

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Frozen: the story behind the story

If you’re under the age of 16 you don’t wanna read this post.
If you’re an adult owning a Barbie collection, you don’t wanna read this post.
If you set a Google Alert that notifies you whenever a new Harry Potter erotic fanfic comes out, you probably wanna keep reading this.


Have you all seen Disney’s latest animated movie Frozen?

I think one of the reasons why it was so successful is that it managed to target wisely both the usual young audience and the adult one.

If on a surface level we had a story about magical powers and family values, in fact, hidden under its thick ice we find in Frozen a tale about acceptance horniness and  need, something we can all relate to.



Anna and Elsa are two sisters living in a scandinavian castle with their disgustingly rich parents. Since there’s no other kid around and when you’re rich you don’t really need an education, their main activities are singing to one another and building snowmen. At age 5 Elsa finds out she has the ability to create snow and freeze everything around her is a lesbian. She has wet dreams about her sister but knows Anna doesn’t feel the same way, therefore she just locks herself in her room and listens to Ani DiFranco. Read More

The Future of Storytelling – Creative Task 1

The Future of Storytelling is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) born and developed at the University of Applied Sciences of Potsdam, Berlin. The course is open to everyone in the world (who speaks English) and – if you enrol – it gives you weekly writing assignments. This is one of them.

I registered to this cool online course about storytelling and – since I never say no to writing challenges – I’m gonna try to publish here my weekly assignments.
Hopefully I’ll manage to be consistent enough to do it at least twice before giving up/forgetting about it.

Please think about which story you have read, seen, listened to, played or experienced has impressed you most in your life. … Which story can you still very well remember? Write down both, the summary of this story (what you remember of the story, not what Wikipedia says.. :) and – on the other hand: – what made it so special to you that you can still remember it.

rachel getting married

Some years ago Jonathan Demme made a movie called Rachel Getting Married. It’s about a recovering drug addict (played by Anne Hathaway) who goes back home for the wedding of her sister, opening old wounds and forcing the whole family to remember a traumatic event from their past. Read More

I peed some pee – a review of Les Miserables

Yesterday night I went to watch Les Miserables. I didn’t know much about the movie (or the musical. or the book) but my obsession for Anne Hathaway totally forced me to go.She was amazing, obviously, but the film wasn’t.  Too long, too much singing, too much Russel Crowe.

I wanted to write a review, but memories of distant times spent reviewing Ugly Betty episodes told me that I’m not good at that.

Therefore I decided to sing my review of Les Miserables, instead of writing it. Which not only will make it more fun, but will also crown me as the new Susan Boyle.

I called it I peed some pee: click on the link below to listen; I’m gonna write the lyrics right below.

Click here to listen

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