[Quiz] Which Dirty Dancing Baby are you?

Warning! This is not Buzzfeed. If you wanna take this personality quiz you’re going to need a piece of paper and a pencil to note down your answers, like real men (and women!) do. If you’re a lazy bum, just go on Buzzfeed and find out if you’re a bad person (which you are, if you’re leaving this page).

I recently found out that my boyfriend has never seen Dirty Dancing and a part of me died forever.

The only thing I can do is honoring this undiscussable masterpiece and its protagonist with a quiz.



Can you lick your elbow?

A) I cannot. I’m a failure.

B) Nothing’s impossible. Believe in your dreams.

C) Sure! Haven’t you seen my latest Facebook Album?

D) No, but I can lick yours if you let me

You run into that boy you have a crush on. You:

A) Pretend you are your lesbian twin sister

B) Smile. That’s how simple it is.

C) Confess him that he vaguely reminds you of Hitler

D) Mention that cheap hotel just across the street and wink

Your dream job:

A) I don’t dream.

B) Professional dancer

C) Mystery Shopper

D) Italian Parliamentarian

At the Karaoke you pick:

A) These songs are all too cheerful. I’m going home.

B) Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

C) Your favourite Disney song

D) The song is not important,as long as you can fake a fellatio with the microphone

First thing you notice in a potential love interest:

A) How incredibly out of your reach they are

B) The smile

C) The words they use

D) Size. Of everything. Nothing else matters.


(with low quality images ’cause I am lazy and this is not Buzzfeed)


Majority of A – BABY IN A CORNER

Baby in a corner - dirty dancingLife can be difficult to handle and you, among all people, seem to have tested that on your skin.

It looks like your fears and insecurities pushed you in a corner and you’re waiting for a knight with a shiny armour to come and save you.

But here’s the thing: nobody can drag you out of that corner except yourself. You better start fighting back.

Majority of B – FLYING BABY

flying baby - dirty dancingYour limits are frightening but also a challenge you are ready to take.

Fly, Baby, fly!



Everyone except your mom thinks that you’re weird.

Good thing is: after a certain age “weird” becomes “unconventional” and you may actually end up being kinda cool.

Hang in there!


naughty_baby - dirty dancing

Embracing your sexuality is one thing and using it in order to achieve your goals is another. Doing so makes you look like a fool and takes away the fun of using your brain.

You should stop.

Unless you’re dumb, in which case I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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