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5 Date Ideas For ABC’s The Bachelorette

I don’t know how this happened, but my boyfriend and I watched three episodes of ABC’s dating show The Bachelorette.

The current season is about single lady JoJo Fletcher looking for her soul mate among a group of men who secretly aim at becoming  underwear models and being booked for wild club nights in Pocatello, Idaho.

the bachelorette

In order to know the contestants better, JoJo gets to interact with them through two kinds of social occasions: the cocktail party and the date. The cocktail party is an evening event where everybody gets to dress nicely and be as slutty and inappropriate as humanly possible thanks to roofies dropped in everyone’s glass by the producers of the show (if this isn’t true, I am blaming Marti Noxon). The date, on the other hand, shows sober contestants in your typical first date activities, such as role playing fire fighters out for a 911 call or flying to San Francisco on a private jet.

Now. I know that tv calls for entertainment, but my girl JoJo is admittedly trying to find A HUSBAND and I don’t think she’s being given conclusive information on these boys. Because honestly, I would marry the monster of Milwaukee right now if our first date involved a private jet.

For this reason, I’ve compiled a list of 5 exciting date ideas that will provide JoJo and future bachelorettes with everything they need to know in order to recognize THE ONE. You’re welcome ABC.

1) 12 Hour Shopping Spree (Endurance Comp.)

Bring your beau on a twelve hour shopping spree to find mascara, a pair of socks and a winter  jacket for your dog. Try to explain to him the complex ecosystem of animal clothing brands and ask his opinion on which shade of black better suits your eyes. Read More

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6 ways the Great British Bake Off changed me

One day I got home and my boyfriend looked excited.

I immediately compiled a mental list of possible reasons and realized that the most likely ones wouldn’t really be relevant to me.


“I found an amazing tv show!”, he exclaimed, and my mind flashed back to fifty-seven different conversations proving how our tv tastes can often diverge.



– “What’s it about?”

– “It’s a reality show about a bunch of amateur British bakers who take part in a baking competition! Every week there are baking challenges and one of the contestants gets eliminated!”

I was shocked.

Ages ago I wanted to write a tv series about a group of elders who tour the United States on a bus and take part in Bridge competitions. It would have been a mesmerizing mix of Golden Girls and Friday Night Lights. Then I was reminded by pretty much everyone that old people and card games aren’t on anybody’s radar and that no network – “NOT EVEN HBO” – would ever consider producing that.

So there I was, years later, hearing from the mouth of my very boyfriend that BBC is airing a show about baking stuff and that retired housewives are not the only ones watching it.

But I decided I would give The Great British Bake Off a try. I watched the first couple of episodes from a distract, skeptical distance until it actually grew on me. And then came love. And then came obsession. And then I realized all the alarming ways this show has changed me, possibly forever,  and decided to enlist them here.

1) The GBBO made me a bipolar viewer

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Lady’s got Horns – a post about Betty Draper

One thing you probably don’t know about the Italian language is that if someone tells you “you’ve got horns” it means  your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife is cheating on you. In fact, you can also say that the cheater is “giving you horns”.

Now. I just finished watching the third season of Mad Men (I know – I’m late – I know) and I can already tell that if the Italian saying was literal, Betty Draper would look like this:



Being a former horn carrier myself, I’ve bonded with Betty from the very beginning while simultaneously nurturing the deepest hate towards her husband. Read More

The Future of Storytelling – Creative Task 4

The Future of Storytelling is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) born and developed at the University of Applied Sciences of Potsdam, near Berlin. The course is open to everyone in the world (who speaks English) and – if you enrol – it gives you weekly writing assignments. This is one of them.


Take a camera, be it you mobile phone, a webcam, … , and introduce yourself to the other StoryMOOCers, telling us which works inspired your interest in storytelling most up to know. Pick out 1-3 works of art, literature, film, TV, game, a website or else and tell us what’s so special about it that you think it might help inspire somebody else anywhere on this planet.

I had many things in mind that could have been more hip, intellectual and alternative, but I realized that this had to be about Buffy.

I’m perfectly fine – in general – with art being just art. It doesn’t have to be life changing: you can like a movie or a book without having your world completely shaken by it, and it’s fine.

But then again I’d lie if I said that this tv show hasn’t affected the way I lived the most formative years of my life, my approach to the English language and the way I read and conceive art.

The Future of Storytelling – Creative Task 2

The Future of Storytelling is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) born and developed at the University of Applied Sciences of Potsdam, Berlin. The course is open to everyone in the world (who speaks English) and – if you enrol – it gives you weekly writing assignments. This is one of them.


Please pick any existing serial protagonist that you know very well, and use the attached PDF/the form below to create a character profile. This profile should include his or her most important traits. Please post the ANSWER below this question post.

patty hewes

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The Most Exciting Afternoon of our Lives

Warning! The following is a humorous text about the day the royal baby made his first public appearance. If you’re looking for REAL news, you might wanna check out the Guardian


About one week ago I went visiting my boyfriend at his place and found him staring at his laptop, catatonic, giving no sign of reaction. At first I thought he got Stendhal syndrome from his Titanic Desktop background, again, but then realised something epic and remarkable was about to happen.

royal baby first appeareance cnn

Main Title: Royal couple and prince to appear any minute
William and Kate were about to exit that very door with their newborn baby and CNN was documenting everything. What a special event! Thank God I caught it on time, I know I would have killed myself if I had missed it! Read More

Tickle season 2: we’re almost there

I can’t hide my secret identity any longer.

I am the executive producer/screenwriter/director of the critically unacclaimed tv series Tickle.

Tickle‘s second season will start in a couple of weeks on the CW, a network famous for supporting, producing and broadcasting series that are full of crap potential.

Here is an interview I did some time ago, in which I look back at the first season and speak about the future of the whole series.

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