Tickle season 2: we’re almost there

I can’t hide my secret identity any longer.

I am the executive producer/screenwriter/director of the critically unacclaimed tv series Tickle.

Tickle‘s second season will start in a couple of weeks on the CW, a network famous for supporting, producing and broadcasting series that are full of crap potential.

Here is an interview I did some time ago, in which I look back at the first season and speak about the future of the whole series.

I’m also collecting money to produce Before it tickled , a prequel to the whole saga in which we find out more about Jason’s background and his mother’s persona history (SPOILER ALERT: Jason’s mum has a power too. She can put mascara on with her mouth completely closed).

The kickstarter project will start in one month. If I get to 10.000 dollars the movie will be made and the complete cast (including Susan Fanning) will take part in it. If I reach 5.000 dollars I’ll make a porn movie out of it with fit cast members and a lot of outdoor scenes. If I reach 50 Euros I’ll make a porn movie set in my apartment and I’ll be the protagonist.

Let me know in the comments how much are you willing to donate.

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  1. Simone

    I recently won some money in a Pfand competition, maybe I can contribute with it, but I want a full frontal of Susan Fanning…

    …’s boyfriend!

    • Fede

      I’ll see what I can do….I hope you won a lot in that Pfand competition…

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