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Carbs on Carbs

If we’re friends, colleagues or you work at Back-Factory, you’re probably aware of the fact that I’m a Carbs enthusiast.

Let’s face it: carbohydrates stick with you – more precisely in your thighs and butt – longer than friends and lovers; they ARE one of the few certainties in our lives and we need to honour them by baking and eating cookies and cakes and muffins and schinken-kaese croissants several times a week.

carbs on carbs

I’ve always fancied them, as far as I remember, but I think dating an American for the past year has been a game changer: he expanded my horizons and showed me new possibilities of use which made my love for high-in-carbs food stronger and stronger. Read More


As you could probably already guess, I belong to that vast group of people who tend to have a bipolar behaviour towards love.

When I’m not in a relationship and I see people on the street holding hands my first desire is to shoot them with a rifle and barf on their descendants (all things that would be totally acceptable in an episode of Game of Thrones or, say, Russia but for some reason not in Berlin) .

Being annoyed by PDA is not the problem, though. The real problem comes when I start being in a relationship myself and experience a change of heart combined with a slight loss of lucidity, which in the past may or may not have me facing legal threats and false accusations of stalking.

As if the second date were really too soon to change your Facebook profile picture to a photo of you and your loved one.

Having sex.

Anyway, when Halloween came, some weeks ago, the most normal thing for me was dressing up as my boyfriend…

halloween costume

…and shoot a video in which I impersonate him. Read More

Infographic: Gender distribution in Social Media!

After collecting data for months I can finally publish the results of my study about gender distribution in social media. The data have been collected by looking over the shoulders of strangers in the train and going through the browser history of my colleagues while they were taking their lunch breaks. Hope you enjoy the resulting infographic.

gender distribution in social media infographic