Bananasunday – a definition

The term Bananasunday indicates one of those Sundays when you’re not in the mood to eat out, your fridge is empty (except for that yogurt that expired four months ago), you don’t have cash for pizza delivery and the only edible thing in your house is a banana.

The day ends often (but not always) with an attempt to eat toothpaste.


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  1. I had ONLY bananasundays in the past three years. Except that one time that I went to ikea hoping to be picked up by some bicurious father who’d offer me meat balls and forbidden love.

  2. Ya

    That’s precisely why I always go for groceries on saturdays!
    I’ve been through laundry detergent sunday or curry-powder sunday and they weren’t that pleasant. Shopping + Saturday = Some very weird kitchen experiments sunday. Often high in calories and lacking in success, but still better than laundry detergent sunday.

    • Fede

      Laundry detergent Sundays look like the new frontier of starving. I’ll try them and let you know how they tasted like.

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