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Cards Against Humanity additions that make a lot of sense

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cards against humanity additions

One morning of November I was sick and in a fever delirium. It seemed the perfect time to take all the white cards of Cards Against Humanity which made no sense to me (Yes, all FOURTY of them!) and change them into something that made me laugh. For a new and more fun game to try, play it at wizard slots using the last link.

Here they are -> Game of Thrones Spoilers

I don’t know who Toni Morrison is, but I’ve seen people balling and threatening to take their lives after reading on the internet the identities of the latest dead characters in the HBO show.

The Little Engine That Could -> The Agony of Hanging your Clothes to Dry

I have a dream. I dream of a world in which washing machines turn into dryers at the end of the wash and there’s no need for you to stop binge watching Jessica Jones in the hope to see Mike Colter naked in order to hang your clothes to dry. The future has failed me.

Aaron Burr -> Googling Symptoms

I expect Google to award me with a MD degree for my achievements in the research of imaginary illnesses. Also, stalker degree and Mike Colter Shirtless Pics degree.

Smallpox Blankets -> Liking a band before they were famous

By the way, I attended my first St. Vincent concert in 2008 and you can all suck it.

Switching to Geico -> Victoria and David Beckham’s book of baby names – 2015 Edition

Vicky Beckham has been an enormous inspiration throughout the years whenever I had to name goldfish and hamsters.

Five-Dollar Footlongs -> Disappointment over the finale of “Lost”


Waking up half naked in a Denny’s parking lot -> A little more rum and a little less coke

Learn this in every language and you’ll have amazing vacations

Object Permanence -> Not what Rome is about. We should totally just stab Ceasar.

A quote from my favourite movie scene of all time ever ever ever and if you didn’t like it you stink.

The Hustle -> The Neisha Call

A supposedly sophisticated reference to restore my reputation after declaring my love for Mean Girls.

A murder most foul -> Parents who jog while pushing the pushchairs

You make me want to return my DNA.

Fancy Feast -> Prozac like candy

They told me Prozac wasn’t candy but I showed them. I SHOWED THEM.

William Shatner -> Luke Perry Hugging a Koala Bear

The most poetic image after the one of a black child hugging a white child.

Frolicking -> French Guiana’s Battle for Independance

It’s happening any day now.

GoGurt -> Pakistani Kids Succeeding at Spelling Competitions

White middle-class kids you’re the shame of America LOL

Serfdom -> Brangelina

I don’t know why this card doesn’t come with the basic version of the game. You failed me CAH.

The Kool-Aid Man -> To Give Anorexia a Try

I did it one day but then found a cookie between the cushions of the sofa

 Synergistic Management Solutions -> Daniel Radcliff’s Magic Wand

A bit too big for me but we’ll figure it out.

Take-backsies -> Girls who strangle with their thighs

According to ShinyStats, this search query led to an old blog of mine.

Count Chocula -> Putting Baby in a Corner

Or, as an alternative, “To Help him carry a watermelon”.

Lockjaw -> Partizip Zwei

The thought that haunts us in the middle of the night.

Lunchables -> Eating Katie Holmes’ Placenta

A rite of passage in the life of each and every one of us.

Joe Biden -> A World Map without Idaho, Finally

Hey hey hey calm down Idahoians, that was just a joke. I’ll drop my weapon if you drop yours. Counting to 3. One. Two. Two and a half. Two and three quarters. Two and fifty-six seconds. NOOOO!

Swooping -> Mary Berry’s clearly unpleased look

Those eyes glancing at my soggy bottom. I will never forget those eyes.

Prancing -> Getting Rid of the Bodies

You all make such amateurish mistakes. You deserve to get caught.

The Chronic -> The Staggering Filmography of James Van Der Beek

At least Dawson met Spielberg.

Bingeing and purging -> Gwyneth’s secret Smoothie Recipe

Ingredients: avocado, raspberries, banana and the milk of a pregnant virgin.

Dry Heaving -> Vegetarians Who Eat Fish

“I love you forever cow, pig and horse <3 <3 <3 Oh, hi salmon. Where’s my baseball bat when I need it?”

Just kidding. #TeamSushi

Bill Nye the Science Guy -> Michelle Lavaughn Robinson Obama, First Lady of the United States of America

I can’t describe the special bond that me and Michelle share. If you want to bet on famous athletes, then platforms such as 온라인카지노 are up and running.

Inserting a Mason jar into my anus -> Your disgusting Jewelry on Etsy

The fact you don’t employ child labor isn’t always enough.

Sex with Patrick Stewart -> Fashion Bloggers

But I still want to be Chiara Ferragni.

Rush Limbaugh’s soft, shitty body -> Unnecessary Feminism

Let me explain this to you.

Whenever I ask my (straight) male friends who their favourite music acts are they always name male musicians.

Whenever I ask my female friends who their favourite music acts are they always name male musicians.

Whenever a cool all-male band covers a song, it’s always a song that was originally sung by a guy.

Whenever a cool female artist covers a song, it’s often a song that was originally sung by a guy.

Then one day a famous, acclaimed male artist decides to cover a young, popular female artist and he’s publicly accused of mansplaining the work of the aforementioned female artist.

You are ridiculous. All of you. Go listen to the whole Tori Amos discography including b-sides, rarities and covers and shut the fuck up until I can surprise quiz you about it.

The three-fifths compromise -> Dirty Talk with Siri

– “Someone’s being a naughty girl…”

– “Searching the web for someone’s being a naughty girl”

Copping a feel -> The Improper Removal of a USB Stick

Objectively, the one thing that kept us awake at night in the 90s

Hot Pockets -> The inability to Raise one Eyebrow

Whatever, I can lick my elbow. And yours, too.

Adderall -> Sabrina

– “The teenage witch?”

– “Oh, no. She’s a co-worker of mine”

She does it for the attention.

A Bop It -> Surprising Elasticity of your anus’ muscles

Also the answer to “Where did the stool go?”.

Whipping it out -> Banana Fana Fo Fuck You

I dedicate this card to all the poor souls whose name is too long for the Name Game.

Road Head -> The House Obama would live in if he was a dog

Inside joke. Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies.

A can of whoop-ass -> Lena Dunham Favoriting my Tweet

Based on a true story.

John Wilkes Booth -> Alanis Morissette’s Dissolving Anger

I miss the days in which Alanis would castrate me with her stare.


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