1. Ya

    You just have the best t-shirt in the whole freaking world!

    And btw, you are smaller in person than you look on pictures!

    • Fede

      ok, you did it, you freaked me out :D Where are you? Outside of my house with infra-red binoculars? :P

      • Ya

        Das ist richtig!
        No, actually I eat dog crap every morning ’cause it makes me see through the walls.
        Ok, maybe not.
        It was the weirdest thing! I read your thing about finding a room in Berlin and left you a comment two days ago. Yesterday you entered the U-Bahn at the same station as I did. I work there, it was kinda Berlin-random-stuff.
        Btw, for some reason this assumed that my name is ya. From now on mein name ist Ya.

        • Fede

          You know that I can see your email address with your first, last and even middle name, right? But ok, Ya, who am I to decide about your name? Anyway yeah, this is funny and random; if you ever see me again you’re allowed to come and say hi: the only thing that truly weirded me out about the above message is your joke about eating dog crap :D

  2. Ya

    It’s G. Chrome’s auto fill issue, I guess. Anyway, of course I know you can see my e-mail, I kinda wrote it in the required field called Email.

    Why? Don’t you love Hundekot?

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