The Farewell Cake or “The Life and trials of Steffi Love”

So what happened in the office is that Laura, a french intern, ended her time in the company. We wanted to do something special for her farewell party, something unique, something that would leave her good memories of us traumatize her forever.

Nat (blogger and evil genius) had the right idea, but she needed a doll to put it in action. The casting went on for days: we were looking for a fresh face, someone the audience would like and who could bear the complex, tortured role we had in mind. When my little helpers sent me a picture of Steffi Love (directly from a shelf in Woolworth, the new place to be in Berlin) I knew she was the one.


Despite her classic german beauty and that fragile appearance, in those deep blue eyes I could see the turmoil of a life lived in the shadow of Barbie, the bruises of the endless struggle of the dolls world and the vital need to become a star.

The next day she came to the casting and she ruled it. She was just so credible and amazing while we painted her nipples, take off her butt and placed her face inside the toilet. It’s like that was the place her beauty queen face belonged to, and no other.

steffi loveNo need to say that on the day of the party Steffi gave the performance of a lifetime. Covered in a vomit of stars she actually proved to be a star! She made Nat’s vision possible and was amazing on that stage cake. We just had to add a little encouraging edible writing for our beloved colleague (after a long discussion we opted for Go Away Bitch, although someone thought it was too formal…).

carine's cake

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  1. Nat

    SteffiLove is my new idol! We should maybe think about the possibility to do our own “bitch” cakes business. I am so sure about the potential of this market in Berlin :D

  2. You are monsters! That’s probably why Berlin became an inferno today and we all feel like there is no tomorrow.

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