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Best Records of 2012 – episode I

40   dear reader   idealistic animals

dear readerEven though Cherilyn MacNeil and Darryl Torr parted ways, Dear Reader still have an identity. They have it while performing their own music as well as while doing covers. MacNeil’s voice and writing are highly recognizable in this second work by the southafrican band (well, it’s more of a solo project now) and If I had to use one (inappropriate) word to describe this record I would say it’s cute. Less needed and intense than Replace why with funny, for sure, but  seemingly charming and elegant in that fairytalish colorful way. Read More

What the French call Les Incompetents

So, we have this tradition at work: once a month, on the first Wednesday of the month, one team makes breakfast for everybody. We had the italian breakfast, the spanish breakfast, the german breakfast and so son and this month was France’s turn.

I knew that they were going to organize something special, and I (over)heard something about a prize. I gently asked for explanations, but no, they wouldn’t give any information away.The only reasonable thing to do was trying to extort information from Catherine, the former country manager, now in maternity leave. Read More

I tried it in the back and it was scary

vespa vacanze romaneIn the beginning was the tricycle. It was easy, I felt safe riding in my grandma’s courtyard supported by those tiny extra wheels helping me with my little balance problems.

Then came the time to remove them, and the drama began. I knew I needed to learn how to ride a normal bike, because deep down I knew (and I still know it, I’m a deluded person) that one day this ability will serve me to win The Amazing Race (there’s always at least two or three tasks having to do with riding bikes, usually in overcrowded cities of the world). So I learnt. Don’t know how, but I did, and this made me able to live a pretty normal childhood and to move quickly through my village (which you could probably cross in its entirety in one hour. By foot.).

Unfortunately my complicated relationship with two-wheeled vehicles got worse during my teenage years. The other kids of my age had vespas and scooters. Like, all of them. And if I had been brave enough to take my chances with the bicycle, it definitely wasn’t the case with this new, evil, motorized  mean of transportation. I tried it in the back, once, and it was scary. Read More